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    By Kris Hansen

    The month of July was tremendously busy for our allroad. Not a single weekend went by without the car being called into duty for car show related road trips, both to Waterfest and Wolfsgart, as well as hauling out mountain bikes to the trailhead and general touring the roads of southern Vermont. Roughly 5 months [...]

  • wolfsgart

    By Kris Hansen

    Wolfsgart 4 was recently held at the Champlain Valley Fairgrounds in Essex Junction, Vermont. We’re extremely fortunate to have such a well-organized and attended show such as Wolfsgart essentially in our backyard (relative to the distances we travel to other Audi shows).   Wolfsgart is somewhat unique as "specialty" shows go, in that it is [...]

  • waterfest19

    By Kris Hansen

    I was chatting with contributing photographer Joel Boucher about waterfest recently, while working on a new angle to write about what is undeniably the king of all VW and Audi shows, and he brought up a very good point- the Waterfest formula is so well developed that even though on the surface it appears to [...]

  • audi_waterfest

    By Kris Hansen

    “With just about a week left until Waterfest, the largest VW/Audi Event in North America, we’d like to inform everyone of the upcoming online registration deadline: July 16th — This is the last day to register online. All cars entering into the judged show car event for Sunday, July 21st, must be registered by this [...]

  • By Kris Hansen

    It seems like we just published the May update, and here we are working on the June update. Clearly we’re having way too much fun with the allroad, and as they say, time flies when you’re having fun. We didn’t take any long trips the whole month of June, but we did use the allroad [...]