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    By Kris Hansen

    We have always had a strong love for the Audi A6,  and the current version – the C7 –  is truly exceptional.  Outwardly it presents as a buttoned up sedan, with taut creases and elegant lines, and just a hint of edginess in S-line trim. Inside it is luxurious and comfortable, with an attention to []

  • By Kris Hansen

    Ok, so we acknowledge that Vermont did not get nearly the full brunt of the massive winter storm that crippled parts of New England this winter, but nevertheless, our allroad was completely undeterred by the snow we did get. We genuinely enjoy driving in the worst possible weather conditions, assuming we have the right car. []

  • By Kris Hansen

    Audi has the market cornered on cool gadgets and brilliant features in their cars. Our allroad came with what we consider to be some of the most difficult to live without items, already installed. These are things that improve the ownership and driving experience immensely, but aren’t really required to get from point A to []