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Auto RX review, findings and what I think of it all

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Default Auto RX review, findings and what I think of it all

Auto-RX review.

First my car is not yours and neither is probably the same climate and driving habits. So keep it in mind. Here is a full history with results and picture 2 more in my in PICTURE POSTER since I am wayyyyyyyy to lazy to include them on this post.

Car: 1998-5 B5 v6 30v 117.000 miles on the clock.

1st owner: Bought at Zumbach NYC sold it at 14K (I bought it)

2nd owner (Moi) Dealer maintained until warranty ran out. Serviced by 3 dealers with full history until warranty runs out. Oil change full synthetic from 01 to 03 Mobil 1 0 w 40. 03 to present Castrol full synthetic 5w40 Winter. 5 w50 Summer.

3rd Driving locations : NY/NJ/CT Cold winters / Warm/Hot summers.

4th Driving Habits: Spirited to say the least. Mainly highways long commutes at speed (that will not be posted here until AW has a need4speed forum) during 2000 to 2004. 2004 to 2006 NYC commute, meaning lots of idling in commuter traffic.

5th Oil Change intervals : Between 3500 miles and 5000 miles depending on driving habit and season

AUTO RX RESULTS: Poor the entire bottle and clean cycle for 1500 miles with 5w40. Rinse Cycle for 1500 miles with Dino Castrol oil 10w40.

Dyno Butt: Feels like a PES supercharger (just kidding). Nothing, aside from the fact that the engine feels smoother when pulling (more linear) and somehow quiter.

Pictures: Located in my picture poster. They speak from themselves. Nada, nothing, rien du tout. No sludge, no deposits nothing.........clean as can be.

Does it mean Auto Rx does not work? Of course not. V30 are not known to be sludge monsters. It simply means that according to my maintenance, motor oil and driving habits, the internal are pretty clean. No wonder I always feel like this car still pulls like new.

Your experience might of course differ, according to all the above factors mentioned.

PS: Trying to cut open the oil filter with a cheap metal saw is one PITA and silly idea.

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Default Thanks for the review.. I'll skip it for now however I'm more interested..

in the magnetic oil drain plug
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Old 07-11-2006, 06:51 AM
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