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raced a mustang

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Default raced a mustang

one of the new 1s, i love how they look. this 1 had the SVO look (maybe was SVO) ? Tore past me on the hwy (I was safely doing 80-90) I wont go faster it becomes too damn expensive. He passed me doing maybe 120, I didnt bother with that. Anyway, as I come up to a 180 degree exit ramp with 2 lanes , who do I see entering with nooooo one around ? Same mustang ... now I dont normally do this (ok yes i do) but this was too perfect.

I get right on his ***, under the bumper and he is really screaming into the 1st 90 degree part. No match for the A4 (lowered, coil overs, basically its set up for this exact ramp and i hit it often). short straight between the 2 90degree turns, and he hammers it coming out of 1st one, but so do i. Then i cut into the inside lane and keep it hammered down and he lifts because, well because its a mustang and it would be going backwards. i pinched the apex way too hard since i didnt have enough space, had to brake into it which caused a nice bit of tail steer. he was nowhere close so i just hammered it again and drifted out into the outside lane under full throttle, a good 100 yards ahead of the mustang after exiting the second 90.

I back off and let him have his straight line fun, i wasnt going to keep that going against a 450 hp monster. was fun to spank him on the ramp tho

Love this Audi
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nobody got a kick out that ?
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