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Received Achtuning 17" RS4 wheels- mixed emotions- need advice. (BWW)

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Old 03-29-2004, 06:13 PM   #41
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Default Wow I think you guys are being a little short sighted

First off I everyone involved has stepped up and said they would make it right. Second when this group buy was put together the pricing was based on Thirty of you saying you wanted wheels. Seven stepped up to the plate and Josh gave you the deal regardless. I believe he should be given more respect than you are giving him.

There is one hell of allot more that goes into a wheel quality than paint. The fact is that there is one major company painting all the replica and aftermarket wheels in Italy. They hold a patent on the Hyper Silver process. It is a very unforgiving color and everyone has had the same issue BBS, OZ,BMW and us.

There are many reasons why the Achtuning branded RS4 wheel is superior to others (I am taking about the 18" core product they sell). For starters it is the only 18in RS4 et 35 that clears the HP2 caliper or Stop tech. Actually Made in Italy not Turkey or China and branded as Italian it is one of the strongest. It also is the lightest of the 18" available 8 lbs difference than others sold. The factory cap fits unlike others that have a bolt on cap or a replica cap that is 10mm larger than OE. Then there is styling, some RS4 reps are flat faced some are actually Celebration wheel called RS4, there just not the same thing. I can go on and on about replicas I have seen them all, if there were a better all around product we would be selling it!

If you have questions about replicas and the difference between what we sell and another call us we are happy to give you the straight up scoop.


Hartmann Wheels
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Old 03-29-2004, 06:19 PM   #42
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Default It's almost like the accidentally shipped from the blemish wheel pile.

Glad to see Achtuning and Hartmann are working to make it right. No one is perfect, but what counts is when there are issues they are handled quickly and professionally. Good job to the companies involved on that.
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Old 03-29-2004, 06:20 PM   #43
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Default Not knocking your wheel in any way but

the foundry that makes your wheel has closed and the cap is bigger than OE so get some replacement caps while you can.They are the best looking replica caps that were available I wish they had done them in the OE size.
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Old 03-29-2004, 06:23 PM   #44
Stätus Josh
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Default There are a lot of wheel factories in Italy

They are not from the same factory.
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Old 03-29-2004, 06:41 PM   #45
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Default There are hundreds of wheel companies in Italy

I like John he is a good guy and some of our products share some of the same foundries.Wheels are produced on contract and molds get moved around based on production availability. Each of us have specific formulas that are wheels are made to.

My point was just because is says made in X doesn't mean it was completely made in X it may have just been packaged there. One wheel for instance says made in Germany and yes the company is German and the finished wheel in a box was shipped from Germany but the only German part about the completed package is the tape closing the box.The wheel is 100% Turkish. Many of the Italian companies castings have now been sent to China and the finis paint is Italian. This is not comparing apples to apples and as a consumer unfortunately you may never know. Heck as a wholesaler I have been duped,we now know what questions to ask.


Hartmann Wheels
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Old 03-29-2004, 06:53 PM   #46
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Default Short sighted?

If Achtuning is just reselling Hartmann wheels, why not just buy them directly and eliminate the middleman?

If Achtuning was providing some value (cough including audi center caps) at a price that people were willing to pay, then bully for them.

Those paint blems were pretty out of control. A little orange peel is acceptable on cheap rims, but fish eyes and outright holes in the paint aren't. Doesn't anyone look at these things before they ship???

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Old 03-29-2004, 07:36 PM   #47
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thanks for the heads up
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Old 03-29-2004, 07:38 PM   #48
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Default This is getting old...

So is it safe to assume most/all RS4 replicas of this color are being painted by the same place?

Now, don't group all the "others" together, because as we know, not all replicas are created equal. <rolls eyes>

Just want to point out a few facts....

The 18x8 replica from Achtuning weighs <a href="">"around 28lbs"</a>.

The WheelExchange replica weighs 28lbs also:
<img src="">

Center caps? Achtuning includes the same "cheesy" chrome cap, if I'm not mistaken. OEM caps are extra $$. I think it's safe to assume they're the same cap, therefore OEM cap fitment would be the same.

<img src="">

Offset--ET30 vs. ET35, one up to Achtuning, as ET35 is the preferred offset by most (though I've had no problems with ET30...just depends on your set-up).

The bashing of other replicas really is getting old, especially in light of this recent revelation.

Toss finish, weight, styling, and center cap fitment out the window--I'll stand up for the WheelExchange replica. Though, I can't speak for any others, which may or may not weigh 36lbs, have a screw on center cap, and/or flat spokes. I dunno, you've seen 'em, I haven't.

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Default Since when did where it was made determine quality...

I think the actual place that made them determine the quality not the country
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Default Hey Josh got any deals on a set of RS4 replica's? Maybe a set of "B" grades.......

with some paint blemishes? What the **** are these guys bitching about? It's not like you sent him a square wheel! Everyone needs to get over it and give Achtuning a break. Did these people actually think that You &amp; Ben had a wheel factory behind the shop? **** happens and you where right to tell that guy he was wrong for taking his issues public before contacting you first.
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