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Important info and some updates for those interested in handsfree install. I would say a must read:)

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Default Important info and some updates for those interested in handsfree install. I would say a must read:)

well been pretty busy but thought i would give an update on handsfree install and some things to think about. Along with a list of Audi part numbers the things i used. Here it goes:

I went with the Professional Hands-Free Car Kit for Motorola V. SeriesTM 60c, 60i & 60t.

Purchased from the Battery Outlet:

The kit supplied me with most of the parts need for install and everything else I will list later and where to get.

Comp. to install...

1. Power
2. Speaker
3. Mic
4. Mount and Bracket
5. Antenna

The install was very simple. The only problem I have and have still not tackled is the green wire on the power cord that is suppose to shut the system off when the car is turned off. I didn't hook this up because i didn't know what fuse is shut off when the car is turned off. Still works but is always on so you have to remember to take phone out when you shut the car off.

1. For the power i used the bottom bolt on the dist. box under the steering wheel. There is a pic of this dist. box on the forum can't find right now.

2. To hook up this into the car stereo i had to buy a few different parts from audi so that it would look professional. I bought:

10pin connector block: 357 035 447B
Electrical Terminal: 000 979 133

These allowed for direct plug into the radio. I bought enough electrical terminals to fit in the connector for both the telephone mute and speakers and also just in case in the future i need for the the navigation mute and speakers. 3 electical terminals did the job because they come with a terminal on both sides. After i received these I simply connected the tails of these terminals to the wires from the hands free mod. box. and the speaker that came with the kit. I used wire tap-ins from the speaker to run to the connector block behind the radio. This allowed the speaker from the kit and the radio speakers to output the sound from the hands free kit. you always can shut off the volume from the car speakers under the menu button on the radio if it is too loud or you don't like it coming from the radio. I also used heat shrink tubing to put around everything so there are not a lot of wire hanging all around. And also heat shrunk the three spare wires for the nav.

3. The mic was a bit of a pain in the ***. I really wanted to hide the mic so i decided to mount it in the overhead light. There is a place in there for a mic from audi. I had to mod this because the mic with this kit is alot bigger. This went ok you can't see that i had to cut anything. But i did have a problem with the wire. I ran along the A pillar (believe that is the name of it) and past the sun visor. This is all under the trim so you can't see any wires. However when i put the trim back on it pinches the wire and caused the mic to break and not work after a few days. This was a very expensive **** up because it cost me about 30.00 to buy a new mic and the whole kit only cost 115.00 so you can see that it was a big mistake. Well waiting for the new mic but next time i will make sure it is not pinched.

4. The mount is special and it depends on what you would like. I went with the Audi Swingout bracket. Pic below:

The phone mount on top of this bracket is different from the one that comes with the kit i bought but all i did was mount it onto the bracket was very easy. The wire to the mount i ran along under the shift **** trim and to the back of the center con. from there i used a piece of the sprial wrap to go into the armrest. i think this was a nice touch and have to add pictures.

To install the swingout mount I had to use try a few different things because i did not have the part number for the screws, washers and bushings needed for the install. I am assuming with these it would have been much easier and faster. I am waiting now for these parts to try it again. You will need to order 4 of each i list below. And you need a right angle torq driver to get the screws in. For the ones i used i had a hex head and had to cut and do a lot of work. I have instructions from Audi for this install and your parts department should also. Swing by and ask for a copy or I can scan and send if you send me over an email.

The part numbers for this mount are below:

Swingout Bracket:4B0 862 413A 6PS
Mount for swingout bracket: 4D0 035 721A 6PS
Button for swingout bracket: 4B0 862 415 4PK
Screws: N 910 183 01
Washers: 8E0 862 995
Bushings: 8E0 862 805

5. The antenna. I wasn't sure which to use. I went with the antenna that Audi uses for there handsfree kit. The install on the ant. is very easy it goes right under the trim near the back window on the left side when you take it off. there are two slots on the ant. and two on the frame of the car. For the wire and connectors well.... i am still waiting for them so can't give you anymore info on this. But i plan on running down C-pillar (if that is the name of it) and right to the center armrest where i have mount and bracket.

Here are the part numbers for the wire, antenna and connector:

Antenna wire: 8E5 035 550K
Antenna: 8E5 035 503A
Connector: 4E0 035 576

Sorry for no prices but all of them can be obtained from Martyn at Can't even try to think of what everything cost. Well i think i have covered everything. I hope this helps everyone with some questions and in giving you the correct part numbers for different bits and pieces to make the install as close to OEM as possible. Good luck...
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Default Nice write-up (m)

I'm assuming this was without OnStar?
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Is your car equipped with OnStar? I thought that was the only way to connect the V60.
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no OnStar... nope that is not the only way. it is if you want everything from Audi...
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Default some pictures that i didn't have when i did write up.... thanks to Raistlin :)

Some pictures of sprial wrap from armrest to center con.

Some pictures of swingout bracket....

Some Pics of 10 Pin connector. Top 3 wires are for nav. and bottom 3 are for telephone.

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Default Has it been determined yet if the Audi handsfree setup will work (m)

with Onstar and a NON-Audi branded v60?
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Default yes... (m)

it will cost you a lot more than my set up. it will be much easier for your install also. the cost from when i was at dealer is as follows:

Retro Fit Kit 471.00
Antenna 79.00
Ant Cable 27.00
Swingout Bracket 78.00

those are just he expensive pieces. so you can see the cost is going close to 700.00 before install and all the little pieces that you will need. i est. that my install was a little more than half of that. also i wouldn't go to your dealer for the parts they markup 40 to 50% on everything. Not sure what markup is over at but i am sure it is much less...
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Great write up jmdp.. I'll have to look into how much i can get the pro install kits for w/ my dis
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