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A6 Symphony Hidden EQ settings

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Default A6 Symphony Hidden EQ settings

Anybody have some good recommended coding for EQ settings in a non-Bose A6 Avant?
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EQ settings are VERY subjective. You MUST set it to YOUR tastes! IMHO!
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How does one access these? Are they available on Bose Symphony?
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Default Its easy. The head unit Bose/Symphony is the same.

With the stereo power off, hold down the #5 radio station/pre-select button. Then power up the head unit. The default codes (8) will appear, if no adjustments Have been made. In default mode, it should read 55555555. You can change each setting by moving the volume control, then hitting
P-SCAN button on the right side to move to the next digit.
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Default Re: It really works well if you take some time

I have played with these EQ settings and have found that with a little patience, you can actually make the Bose system sound like a halfway decent car audio system. Try different settings, starting with the bass and mid-bass, front and back (the 1st and 2nd digits then 5th and 6th digits) and sample different CDs (FM radio will work but not as obviously). Then start fiddling with the other 4 digits. When you get it to sound the way you like it, some tweaking of the regular three EQ **** settings can alter it further - particularly for different CDs.
The Bose system bass will always be sloppier than it should, but I have tightened it up quite a bit.
BTW, you can turn on the Symphone radio without a key - just hold the on button down for a couple of seconds. As explained previously, hold the #5 preset button down while turning on the stereo system to access the EQ.
Finally, if you hold the P-scan button down while turning on the stereo, you will have access to other adjustments, some of which are not disclosed the manual. Use the manual for instructions on getting to the menus.
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Default OK, now I'm using 6535,6474...(long)

Plus, I run the tone controls flat, except one notch down in the treble.

Now I can play it much louder without running away screaming! It isn't a very good audio system (mine's Bose), but it is much better now that it is adjusted! Thanks.

It is just based on a half hour testing, but my wife and I are particularly good at audio auditioning...

I found that the fronts have a honk in the upper mid, and can sound harsh in the lower treble. So, I had to turn down the upper mid/lower treble.

The rears were a bit plump in the upper bass, are reticent in the mid and upper mid, but are pretty hot on the top.

The woofer in the trunk sounds better now that I've added some damping to the compartment it is in. I'm not sure that partially blocking the port is a good idea (as others have tried)... instead, I believe that the tubbiness is largely due to the compartment in which the woofer is mounted. Just a theory, we'll see....

I wrapped a halogen fire extinguisher in thin foam padding and stuffed it right side up next to the woofer, on the port side. I filled the area below the woofer with terrycloth towels (for interior spills) and Griot's cotton cloths (for the painted surfaces). Now my trunk is neater, and my woofer is too.

There is still a bit of tubbiness in the bass, but I left it this way for two reasons. One is that rumble from road noise masks the bass, so you need a bit more than you would think (as judged while engine is off). The other reason is that the cabin speakers have a rather high low-frequency cutoff, so I like to fill in the "power band" with a bit more mid-bass. Bass lines now sound fairly flat over pitch/frequency.

I plan to replace everything but the head unit when I have selected the right equipment and installer. The head unit will stay for awhile, to see how good/bad it sounds.

If I decide to replace the head unit, I'll take my time to find a good looking model with red illumination (my favorite, top of line Nakamichis come with orange... not quite there). Also, I may wait until a good sounding, non-gaudy looking (without the garish animations and ugly 3-Dish graphics) unit appears that also has hands-free operation, phone integration, and GPS/navigation. Won't be more than a couple of years.

My all-vintage-Nakamichi system in my <A HREF="http://www.netwiz.net/~jds/honda_for_sale">Accord (for sale!)</A> shows up this system terribly. But, that equipment is old enough, I don't feel quite like moving it to the new car. Plus, it is tuned so well to the Accord, I'm hoping to sell it all in one.
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Default Great post. Have you considered adding a sub like I did?

The equipment was given to me to try by one of my clients, so it is not the best quality stuff. But my impression is that the Bose system (just like in their home stuff) does a pretty decent job of producing everything to just above mid bass, then just gives up.

I will be switching to a single 10" or 12" Band pass box in the next few weeks, with a much higher quality driver. The double 10 is just too big, but the band pass boxes seem to produce bass further up towards the mid bass than a sealed box, which is just what the Bose system needs to "fill in" the gaps.

I did add an attenuater for the amp running the sub, and that works great.

Since the Bose system is an "all or nothing" upgrade, the sub-woofer is the only real choice to Upgrade instead of replace.
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Yeah, the Bose sub will go... (have a JL wedge & PG ZX amp in my Honda)
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Default Different set-up for sub in Avant

Fascinating stuff, here. All the things you can never find out from the dealer, Audi USA, or the damn manuals. I have the A6 Avant w/o without the Bose. From what people have told me, I probably did well to save the extra $750, but I think the Symphony speakers can stand some upgrading. Adjusting the EQ, however, does help quite a bit. Main point of this entry is the sub that is in the Avant. It is built by Blaupunkt, so I am guessing the other speakers in the doors are also likely the same maker. Does anybody know for sure, but the sub in the Avant seems to
feed into elongated grillworks running along the bottom length each rear-most windows. The sub is built into a compartment on the right side, filling most of it. I tried an experiment, though. Most of you sedan owners are looking for ways to block it off. On the other hand, in the Avant, I have experimented by driving with the sub's access panel removed. I don't know if I am crazy or not, but I swear my sound quality went up dramatcially, after I removed the panel. The access panel has sound damping material on its inside surface. Any thoughts? Maybe I should be cutting a vent into this panel?
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Default on non-Bose, it doesn't seem to work

I tried radical settings like 99991111 and 11119999 and heard absolutely no difference. And I'd say I'm quite sensitive to such variations - I heard none. Bummer. I put my phone number in there instead :-P
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