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So how many of you are thinking about D4?

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Old 05-17-2014, 09:29 AM   #1
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Default So how many of you are thinking about D4?

At first I really did not like it, it looked like a big A4. But as time passes by, it grows on me and I would like to have it as my next car.
I really love D3, but its getting old and I dont think I'll be getting another one.
So how many of you guys think the same? Do you catch yourself thinking about getting a D4?
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Old 05-17-2014, 11:13 AM   #2
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I'm only 2 years into the D3 so I wont be jumping ship anytime soon. I do really like the interior of the D4 but love the lines on the D3. I tend to drive my cars for a long while, 10 years with my D2. The next one might be a D5 for me.
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Old 05-17-2014, 12:19 PM   #3
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It grows on me too but I will wait until the 2015 facelift and TDI models drop under $20k. Should be a few years. By then who knows, maybe I will be in a Tesla! Model S is my dream car, eliminate all the ICE problems, and buy some solar panels and never look back.
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Old 05-17-2014, 01:45 PM   #4
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Default I'm with you... Wife already approved D4 and Tesla...

As long as this A8L is performing as it should = NO heavy cost ($1k+) and it's been doing perfectly as planned. We allocate some funds for the cost of the D4 or EV.



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Old 05-17-2014, 03:59 PM   #5
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The D3 is still a beautiful piece of machinery and a work of art. I've had my 07 for almost 3 years now and it still drives just as good as new and I'm still impressed by the quality of this car. I still receive compliments galore by many as they can't believe that the car is not a 2012+. The interior has held up very well and I still love driving this ultimate luxo German sedan. It is a bargain for what D3's are worth now. I've driven the D4 for a weekend and yes, it is nice but not worth $30k-$50k more than the D3. The D3 just feels "special".
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Old 05-17-2014, 06:20 PM   #6
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Nice car, but I am thinking about this:

Click the image to open in full size.

As a matter of fact over next few weeks I will check few of them.
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Old 05-17-2014, 07:29 PM   #7
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In the past I said I would likely get a first year D5 off of a two year lease(like I did with my '04 D3). However, I am leaning toward an R8 in a few years. Pre-owned, of course.
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Old 05-17-2014, 08:50 PM   #8
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Default Dabbled w/ it, but not convinced

It's now seriously fast if you get the 4.0T motor (even non-S8), and 2015's get yet another power tweak in the regular 4.0T. Faster than either the D3 W12's or S8's, even before considering the D4 S8. 3.0T's no slouch either, and the 8 speed helps that acceleration wise. The D4 S8 is like new Corvette + fast. Selective cylinder shutdown also improving fuel economy on the newest motors. They made some effort to improve the trunk on the D4 facelift, but it is still quite a bit compromised relative to D3. I also like that they cleaned up the headlights style wise to more classic lines (LED's and the variable lighting techno stuff aside)--Audi is slowly burying what I consider the goofball droop curve designs and overdone DRL stuff on many of its models.

From having followed it, no doubt IF I bought one, it would be the pending post facelift D4, and definitely a late version 4.0T (base or S, or 2015+ W12). Much more power/performance and some incremental economy than the early 4.2's.

The not convinced part is variously I expect used prices to drop like a rock as the big German road iron always does, that the ones I would probably want are the 2015's and forward that will take a few years to age and become attractive as cheaper used buys, and then the age will be showing as the D5s get close.

On the C bodies (A6/S6, etc.) they say the odd number'ed generations are the breakthroughs. Having owned a C1, 3 and 5 (and a forgettable 4), and now seeing the nice C7 against the humdrum C6, I get that. Maybe the same w/ D bodies. Also owning a loaded 2013 Q5 that has most of the trickle down techno stuff from the D4--including the newer Connect electronics--my reaction actually is my D3 already does 90% of it anyway (and my phone a bunch more). On both the Q5 and a D4 4.2 loaner I had for a week, I would also say the ZF 6 speed (at least in the W12) is actually the smoother unit, rather than the newer 8 speed. If you look around the boards there are endless posts as well as some TSB's on 8 speed shift quality and hunting. Wish they could meld the smoothness of the ZF6 with the performance and economy of the ZF8. Meanwhile D3 style and quality materials are holding up well, and the torque of a W12 can always bring smiles at all but the gas pump. Anyone who sees the D3 W12 in Amaretto with the contrast piping still really likes the look and feel, especially if you have the loaded D3's w/ full leather.

Thus, other than typical new car itch that comes and goes, unless mine gets totaled somehow in next few years, I suspect it may be a D5. Or like Mister Bally, maybe an R8 or something. With a now empty nest, don't really need the LWB much for any real purpose either. Last, if they ever shipped in the 4.2 TDI, I could get interested pretty fast. 3.0TDI is getting tweaked somewhat in coming months/year, but as it stands now only in the A6 is it also apparently nudging into fairly serious performance specs.
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IF I were to consider a D4 it would have to be a 4.0T model. However, I am about to seriously re-shuffle the garage around, where I am thinking to part with the D3 A8, part with my C4S Porsche, and just pickup a Turbo. Between my signifiant other's brand new TDI Jetta, and my beater truck to park at the airport, I think a Turbo will nicely round out the fleet.
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Old 05-18-2014, 08:07 AM   #10
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I really am not a fan of the D4 styling. The C7 A6/S6 look fantastic, but that angular thing just isn't working well on the D4.
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