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Why are my amps powering up with ignition???

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Old 03-04-2002, 05:11 AM   #1
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Default Why are my amps powering up with ignition???

I just installed two Audiobahn amps and wired them to stock Concert/Bose HU using a Blau adaptor. The remote connector, for some reason, powers up the amps with the ignition - even with the HU off. Is this normal?

I still retain the feature that allows me to power the HU without the key in the ignition - and here the HU remote DOES power up the amps.

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Old 03-04-2002, 07:26 AM   #2
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Default For whatever reason, the amps' turn-on wire is connected to the ignition

instead of the head unit's turn-on lead. Not sure about why (if that's they way that the Bose amp is wired), but with aftermarket stuff, you usually don't run the amps independent of the head unit. Does the Bose amp turn on with them?
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Old 03-05-2002, 08:41 AM   #3
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Default you know the remote wire goes from your head unit directly into your amp, right?

I never dealt with the stock head unti and adaptor, but it soudns like you got the wrong wire going to your amps, or it's something screwy with that stereo feature to have it on with the car off.. I'm sure guys have done this before with sucess.
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