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Default 802.11b users, what do you set your "DTIM period" to?

The info for my access point isn't much help:

DTIM Period

The DTIM (Delivery Traffic Identification Maps) setting shows the client how often the beacon contains a delivery traffic indication message.
Input range: 1 - 65535.

I'm assuming it has something to do with how often it broadcasts? But how often it broadcasts what? I have it set at 1 (default). Since I only use it when using a laptop in the garage, can I set this at the max?
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Default Here you go.

DTIM has to do with power management. With every beacon comes a TIM (traffic indication map). Basically, a power-managed card wakes up and waits for a TIM. A TIM tells the client card that there's data waiting for it at the access point. When there's data waiting, the access point indicates this with at DTIM message.

A shorter DTIM will cause the card to wake up more often to download waiting data. A longer DTIM will keep the card in power-save mode longer, however, since more data will be waiting, the card will have to stay on longer to collect the waiting information.

Also remember that if the beacon period is set at 100, and the data beacon rate is set at 2, then the Access Point sends a beacon containing a DTIM every 200 Kµsecs
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Default OK, so from what I understand by this...

if a client sits idle a lot and frequently has requests or other traffic sent to it, it would make sense to have a low interval. But in a case where someone fires up a laptop for an hour or two, then shuts it off, this setting doesn't make a difference and might as well be set to max?

What do others have it set to?
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Old 05-07-2002, 10:56 PM
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