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Interview with a Fluffer, Part 1

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Default Interview with a Fluffer, Part 1

Interview with a Fluffer
Leah S.

[A window into a rather unusual and low-profile profession. We did a bit of
a session last week; this is the first instalment. I haven't typed up the
rest yet, but I will do if I get some nice feedback - leahs31@hotmail.com!]


Q. "Clarissa", I want to thank you for agreeing to do this interview with
me. I think a lot of my readers will be very curious to hear about your
experiences in the industry. First of all, can you describe what is involved
in your job for me?

A. Hi Leah, first of all, no problem, I am looking forward to talking about
what I do. It sure is a weird-*** job but someone's gotta do it. Well, so a
fluffer is a girl who works in the **** industry, or sometimes a guy I
guess, and her job is to, basically to keep the guys hard. You know filming
takes a lot of time, sometimes they need to move the camera or to fix the
lighting or the sound or some **** like that, there can be big gaps between
takes, and the guy needs to be ready to go. Like when the take starts he
needs to be 100% hard, or else it's wasting everyone's time, and basically
that's my job, that's up to me to sort him out.

Q. So what do you do for the guys, for the **** stars you work with I mean.

A. Basically I give them hand jobs or suck their dicks.

Q. Right. Actually, I could never figure out why the stars would need help
to stay up. I mean, they're looking at an attractive woman, naked, they're
about to have sex with her, OK, I know the camera is rolling, which could be
a turnoff I guess, but presumably they're used to that if they're in the

A. Oh, you'd be surprised. These guys have to **** a lot, sometimes in
pretty uncomfortable positions, lots of floodlights pointing at them, it's
all a bit clinical. It can be really hard for them to stay hard (laughs). It
takes a really good blow job to keep them up and I give a fantastic blow
job. If I say so myself. Look, if a guy's looking at a totally naked ****
star, she's really hot as most of them are, and he's totally about to ****
her in like, six different ways, and even with all that he can't keep his
erection, well it takes a pretty mean blow job to get him up.

Q. It sounds like you get some satisfaction out of your job, at least.

A. Yeah, I wouldn't do it if I didn't like it. I love sex. Now I know all
the female stars in the industry say that, and half of them, at least half
in my opinion, are full of ****, and actually they hate having sex on
camera, they just do it for the money and because they don't know how to do
anything else, but I genuinely love sex, and you can trust me because I
don't have a public image to maintain, my face is never on camera.

Q. Don't you find it embarrassing to, to give hand jobs and so on, in front
of the whole cast and crew?

A. I find it hot. What you have to understand is that being a fluffer is
really hot, if you are quite sexually submissive, and I am very sexually
submissive. Like, you spend your day with these big hunky guys, a lot of
them are very good looking and pretty much all of them have enormous *****.
And your job is to go down on them whenever they snap their fingers.
Whenever anyone tells you to. And it's not like they say, "oh, could you
please do me a favor, I need some help here," no, they just say, like, "come
here" or "you, suck me", or they don't say anything at all, they just grab
you and push your head down on it. And they don't even care about you,
they're totally focused on the female actors, or more likely about how they
look on camera or what they're going to have for lunch. You are just a
walking sex toy out there, nothing more than that. I find that hot. I think
most fluffers do. Otherwise they would go work at Wal-Mart or some ****.

Q. You must have some good techniques.

A. I have some great techniques. I personally get the most mileage out of
oral. It's certainly different from normal sex, you don't have time to play
around. Zero foreplay. Normally if I was with my boyfriend I would be
tickling it and flicking my tongue across the head and blowing on his *****
and playing with ice cubes and this kind of buildup, but on set I don't have
time, I don't normally give throat, I prefer to use my tongue and lips on
the sensitive parts of the head, but if I have to I will look the guy in the
eye and swallow his dick and bob a bit. Sometimes I don't have much choice.
You have got to remember these guys are maybe 4, 5 inches soft, but they
grow to eight, nine, ten inches in a very short period of time. It just
swells up like a balloon and if you are not careful it's halfway down your
throat. It's quite scary in a sexy sort of way. My nightmare is not being
able to get the guy's **** out of my mouth. They get so big. Anyway, the
other thing I would normally do for my boyfriend is to tickle around his
***, finger him if he likes that, but of course you can't do that on set, so
instead I reach round behind his ***** and stimulate his prostate from the
outside, that is very important I find.

Q. What happens if you make him *** by accident?

A. That never happens. If it does happen it's totally his fault. He should
say if he's getting close.

Q. But it does happen?

A. It's happened to me once or twice. It's totally not my fault. Once I was
giving a guy a handjob and suddenly he groans and says, "I'm going to blow,"
and I thought, ****. Well I was dammed if I was going to make it any easier
for him after that, so I pointed his dick up in the air and it went off
****ing everywhere. I mean, *** was totally all over, it was on the bed, on
the walls, I think even the camera caught a couple of loads. Everyone was
laughing their asses off, but I think he got in trouble later.

Q. Do you practice safe sex?

A. ****, no. No one's gonna wait while you put a condom on the guy, every
time you work on him, and take it off afterwards. No, you take it how it
comes. Even fresh out of the girl.

Q. Eww!

A. Oh, I love it. I like how girls taste, I have a definite bi streak. Come
on, the guy pulls it out of her and he gives it to you, it's nine inches
long, it's covered in **** **** ***** juice, it's covered in his pre ***
too, I have to suck it clean before the next take, well it doesn't get any
better than that. Sometimes they stay in position, like if it's a hard
position to get in or out of, like hammer style or double vaginal, well
you're sucking his dick and her ***** is like one inch in front of your
face, smells like sex and it's still open where he's been slamming it, I
****ing love that. I'm sorry, am I shocking you? ...No? Anyway these guys
are all tested for STDs so it's pretty safe. ...I draw the line at A to M
though. *** to mouth. ...Not that I always get given the choice. A guy has
to be 100% hard to **** an ***, any less and he just can't get it in, and
the best way to keep that 100% erection, is to watch a pretty girl suck the
*** juice off his dick.

Q. I see... My next question was, do you have some special techniques for
guys, when your ordinary ones don't work?

A. Oh, absolutely. Every guy is different and every one needs something
different. If they like **** I take my top off. If they like *** I drop my
pants. My bikini bottoms if I'm wearing a bikini. If they like to feel like
they're in charge, and most of them do, I kneel at their feet like a serving
girl. Hell, I like to feel like they're in charge too. For handjobs I
usually straddle their lap. Facing them, so no one else can see what I'm
doing. Most of these guys have ****** long enough to reach my **** from
there so I lean forwards and give them a bit of a titty ****. Or I can
whisper in their ear. I have one or two secret things I say to give them a

Q. What do you say?

A. (laughs) I'm not gonna tell you, or it won't be a secret any more!

Q. Go on, tell me just one thing.

A. Oh, all right... I say, like, "I'm going to meet you in your changing
room after the shoot and swallow your ***." Or, "I want you to give that
***** the ****ing she deserves. Don't go easy on her!"

Q. That's pretty hot.

A. That sort of thing, anyway.

Q. You said earlier you have a bisexual streak.

A. I totally do.

Q. I don't suppose the female actors have much need for a fluffer girl

A. You'd be surprised. Some of them do use a fluffer, actually.

Q. Really?

A. Really. See, some of the female actors, they don't get aroused on set.
They just take their money and go home to their family. But some do get
aroused, in fact they don't want to work any other way, they say it makes it
more comfortable.

Q. So do you help them out, Clarissa?

A. Actually I have fluffed for a girl in the past, yes. It's kinda the same
in some ways, but totally different. A girl can lose her erection, lose her
level of arousal, really fast. You have to be right in there and licking her
***** or using a vibe or giving her the finger or whatever she likes, right
away. Sometimes they ask you to use a ***** on them, it means their *****
stays open while they wait round, or a butt plug if they're doing ****. ...
Another thing that's different, is that it's no problem if you make her ***.
In fact it can be a good thing, it helps her muscles relax.

Q. They really do orgasm on set, then?

A. Some of them do, absolutely. My friend told me about this star, she
actually had to calm her down and stop her cumming. I think she may have
been using some kinda pills, and she kept going off, and she wasn't
listening to the director, and the guy said he was gonna *** too if she kept
doing it.

Q. What did your friend do?

A. She tried to distract her, didn't work, tried doing stuff like biting her
nipples and pinching her ****, she seemed to be getting off on that even
more, so she went off to get some water to throw on her, but when she came
back they'd started filming again I think.

Q. I'm intrigued by this... female to female fluffing.

A. Oh yeah, some of them love it. I remember once seeing a starlet sitting
back with three fluffers hanging off her, one sucking each tit and one
between her legs, she was loving it. The cameraman wanted to film them cos
they were way hotter than the actual shoot, but the director wouldn't let

Q. Right... So, who are your most difficult clients?

A. Definitely the ********. My company does quite a bit of ******* work.

Q. ********, male to female transexuals?

A. Right, trannies, always male to female I guess. A lot of guys have a
thing for them, chicks with dicks, I don't know why women don't get turned
on the same way by the idea of female to male transexuals. Hell, I do.

Q. You do?

A. I do, long standing fantasy of mine. I meet a handsome guy, not big built
but nice bod, tight, we dance, he treats me real good, makes me feel like a
princess, he takes me home and of course he turns out to be a she, she makes
me suck her *****, her ****, we spend the whole night together. Mm... Anyway
trannies are hopeless, lots of female hormones but no testosterone. Very
difficult to keep them up. Fortunately most of them are gay so it's not my


[TBC when I have time to type the rest up, which will be earlier if I get
lots of feedback at leahs31@hotmail.com. Love, L.]
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Default potd

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Default FTW! lol @ "My nightmare is not being able to get the guy's **** out of my mouth."

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Default oh, she draws the line at A2M... lame

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Default that right there... is pretty hawt

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