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Why do we buy factory Nav? *repost from A3 forum*

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Default Why do we buy factory Nav? *repost from A3 forum*

I put this as part of a different thread, but felt this discussion deserved it's own posting.

Why do we act so amazed when car manufacturers launch the latest automotive tech that's been on our iPhone for 5 years already?

I ordered my Q7 without nav, buying an EXTRA iPhone just for that purpose, over the course of the lease is actually cheaperů or, you know, just using the one you're already paying for;

- HotSpot
- Nav
- Music
- Google Search
- Software Upgrades are easy, even invisible
- LinkedIn
- Texting
- Siri to chat with
- Movies
- Cool selfles of you driving your new ride
- (can I stop now)
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I'm reasonably happy with the Q7 nav simply because I can search 'online destination' and give the name of the business and most of the time it comes up with the correct address. I also really like the google earth feed. I think it's worth the $15/mo to not have to search in my phone and then plug into the nav, or use my phone and deal with raising/lowering/muting calls/directions/music while also trying to deal with my kid and every other distraction. Hell, if the $15/mo keeps me from having to take my eyes off the road to mess with my phone, it is probably worth it.
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