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Help HELP: Audi A6 2.0 TDI 2007 Model, slow kick down, black smoke DPF removal Remap

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Default Help HELP: Audi A6 2.0 TDI 2007 Model, slow kick down, black smoke DPF removal Remap

Hi all.

Newbie here, and sadly don't have an awful lot of car knowledge but will try my best to understand any responses.

1, Three weeks ago my car died on me
2, Was towed to garage
3. Car totally shut down and locked up
4, Has spent 3 weeks in garage.

The injectors have all been refurbished
The DPF was blocked and wouldn't let the car start, after trying a couple of used ones and reading after market ones don't work for long and 1200 for a new one (this is after a bill of 1300 already) so I opted for a DPF removal/bypass and a remap (atleast until i can afford a new dpf).

So first time I got the car back:
It broke down within 10 mins - Belching black smoke out the back and limping at 20mph if that.

Conclusion: ERG valve / Sensor was broken
This was then replaced and off I went again.

3 days later (with little use)
for first 3 days the car did feel more responsive and seemed to have more power, not sure if that cause i had been driving a old VW around for last 3 weeks but then:
Same thing again "Broke down" - I managed to limp back to the garage.

Conclusion: ERG valve was not in tight enough and had snapped again.

Now I have the car back again.
I am getting quite a bit of black smoke but I suppose it is understandable as the DPF has been removed.

My main problem:
The kickdown seems to be very slow now its like I press the pedal and the engine thinks for a couple of seconds can I be bothered to go... the revs counter goes upto 2300rpm before it actually kicks down... making driving off from roundabouts a dull and slow process.
The other thing is when I start it up after letting it sit for a few hours it seems to struggle to get the power to pull away just sluggish..

When you are eventually out driving it is still responsive but there is a seriously negative improvement.

Does anyone have any suggestions? is there a setting? why would it have felt good before the second EGR valve was replaced? and why after remaps, dpf removals and 4 trips to the garage does the car feel worse than before it broke down??

All suggestions and comments welcome and thanks in advance, this has already cost me 1600 in garage fees and 200 in remap fees.
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