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Need busted timing belt advice - what work should be done under warranty?

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Default Need busted timing belt advice - what work should be done under warranty?

My timing belt busted at a relatively low speed. There are 4 bent exhaust valves but no visible damage to the cylinder head. This is going to be covered by Audi USA under their extended warranty because of the timing belt settlement in '08.
Here is my problem. Dealer insists there is nothing wrong with the cylinder head.
In talking with 3 other mechanics (2 of them different Audi dealerships), they all are pretty adamant that you cannot see damage to a cylinder head and that it must be taken to a machine shop to measure tolerances and ensure it is within spec.
Here is the weird part - My dealership (University Audi, Seattle) admits that some damage can be non-visible - but they still declared the head as good, "visually". This has been a circular argument but they are refusing to machine the head claiming it isn't necessary.
Can anyone educate me if their approach is reasonable? The dealership says, it starts and runs fine and has no error codes - so it is fine.
It is my understanding from other mechanics that a head out of true will result in lower performance, gas mileage, longer term damage to the engine, HP...
My dealership calls it good because it runs.
I know this is the opposite argument people are normally having with a mechanic - but they claim the additional work is not necessary.
I believe it is only because they are paying the bill. Can anyone educate me and if you can point me in a direction for information or quotable sources so I can have some ammunition? (or tell me to calm down - it will be fine
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I would have no concern about head damage. Besides, in most cases the dealers R&R the head with a reman head that VW/Audi has rebuilding the heads and they are stocked in their parts distribution system.
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