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Should I cancel my order for a mk2 and wait for the mk3?

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Default Should I cancel my order for a mk2 and wait for the mk3?

Hi there,

A couple of weeks ago I put in an order for a mk2 1.8 s-tronic TT with comfort and tech packs. I got a good deal at £345 per month over three years with a 2k deposit (6% interest). I don't have a build number yet as the factory has paused production of mk2 to prepare for production of the mk3. But they say my mk2 will get made, but probably by June. My question is, given the launch of the mk3 in Geneva this week should I cancel my existing order and wait 6 months for the new model?

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How do you figure it'll be a 6-month wait? I doubt the US sees the mk3 TT before 2016.
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Default He's in England and will see it sooner

I have not seen a sales date for Europe but it will likely be available in Europe in the 2015 MY. Next Fall is possible.

Since Audi USA has already anounced a Mk 2 2015, the earliest I expect to see the Mk 3 in the US is as an early 2016 in about a year. I expect all the US 2015 Mk 2 cars to be pre-built now and sold as 2015s.

As to the original question, based on all I have read I expect the Mk 3 handling to be better than the Mk 2 but not as dramatic a change as there was from the Mk 1 to Mk 2. I don't expect much change in the 1.8L engine output. The minor styling changes are a matter of personal taste. The Mk 3 dash is a radical change from the Mk 2. The Mk 3 that interests me the most is the TTS which will get a major HP boost and looks to me to be the best bang for the buck. Normally I would caution against getting the first year of any new model but there were no major first year glitches with the Mk 2 introduction which was much more of a change then the Mk 2 to Mk 3 transition.

Don't expect anywhere as good a deal as you got on the Mk 2. You will likely pay full MSRP. The Mk 3 will liely have better resale value.
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I'm struggling with this one. I admit to some hearing loss but I have never heard of an auto manufacturer that pauses production at the end of the ending model, manufacture a new generation model, then, change to backfill some ending model orders. Something tells me your car dealer is blowing bubbles here, especially if it has enticed you into leaving a nice £2000 deposit.

In mid August of this past year I ordered a TTS with a similar down payment. It was a nice deal and the dealership just begged for my business. About 45 days into it and not having heard from the dealership, I emailed, then called. When I got no response I called Audi Customer Service. They track orders, too. They didn't have a VIN. They got back to the dealership who then got back to me. Two days later, the dealership's general sales manager confirmed to me that he had been on the phone to Germany and some VP there said that no new 14's were being built for the US market from the beginning of August through January, and indefinitely going forward! The dealership should have known this. I was left with choosing a vehicle already on the ground or in transit. I canceled my order, obtained the return of my initial deposit, drove to an Audi dealer with whom the original dealer refuses to do business, and bought their show room '14 TTS Ibis with 49 mikes on the clock.

I suppose you could play this out and hopefully in June you may have a Mk II, but what if there is a delay in production? You are in Europe. You should have the MKIII this fall. I'd wait for it, if I could not put my hands on the exact car I wanted right now for a very good price.

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Frankly, I would cancel it. Because in a few months when you get your TT, the new TT will be shown in the showrooms and your car will look very old and dated.

Do not believe those who say this will come out in 2016. This new TT is a 2015 Model, and you should see the 2015 models come out by Fall 2014 (around October). This is a very standard practice when rolling out a new model.

Of course, that is if you can wait. If you have to have a car, then just get it now.
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