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00604 code, seen this a lot but no definite results please help

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Default 00604 code, seen this a lot but no definite results please help

So I saw a few people had this code:

00604 potentiometer positioning motor for air flow flap (g113) 29-10 short to ground- intermittent

I can't find a definite result. I ran the hvac basic settings test on 001 and 000 like Uwe from rosstech suggested to someone else and it ran fine, cleared the code but AC still doesn't work and the code comes up again. I then found that these sensors need to be replaced located behind the glove box. Possible replacement parts1H0907543A or 1K0907543A)

1H0907543A - Caloric Feeler Sensor - ES#1359467 and

1K0907543A - Temperature Sensor - ES#2575456

Has anyone actually completed this? I'm going to order the parts and try it. All of the posts I found basically stop after what I have mentioned so I'm assuming that's how to fix it. I just bought a new AC system for the car and it worked fine for about a month. Took it back and they ran tests and told me the compressor is not getting a signal to turn on so it may be a relay or sensor. (Mr tire in Maryland by navy base) they don't have the equipment to fix that so they suggested an Audi specialist (I go to NGP in lorton). I will drop it off there tomorrow but I kinda wanted to try and see if changing these sensors myself n saving some $ would work first. The compressor has lifetime warr and there's 2 year labor warr. Mr tire said if they say that needs to b changed they will do it at no charge. Is there a separate AC control unit for this??
Thanks for any help in advance.
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Nothing else showing up in the Auto-Scan besides the 00604 ?
I'm guessing this is on the 2002 TT in your signature since there is no scan to review.

I would check the wiring diagram to see what other items share the same tracks as the G113.
If there is nothing else and the harness isn't faulty, then replace G113.

Otherwise find and correct the short in the harness or replace other faulty components.
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