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2004 A8L Level Control Adaptation issues

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Default 2004 A8L Level Control Adaptation issues

I can try to explain this and hopefully someone knows what i'm talking about and knows the issue. Basically I tried to lower my A8L with Vag-Com (Air baby!) and it essentially threw up on itself and errored out (I'm to blame because I tried to lower it way lower then the max amount of... I think 25mm... I was going for 50mm)... Anyways I figured the best thing would be to put it back to stock height and go from there... So I followed the Ross Tech procedure for recalibrating the system and when I get to channel 05 (the save channel) it says its not available or invalid or something along those lines. so I can't save the new values and reset the system. Has anyone had this issue and was able to fix it? I logged it as well:

VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator
VCDS Version:
Data version: 20140212


Adaptation Channel 005:
Stored value
Channel 05

So ya any help would be appreciated... I've tried another ross tech cable and 3 other laptops just to weed out any questions about the hardware.
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