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Enabling DRL w/ VagCom unit

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Default Enabling DRL w/ VagCom unit


Recently purchased a 2005 Audi TT Quattro. Was under the impression over the last few days that my side lights (are these all called the parking lights too?) were not working...so I thought perhaps there was a problem with my headlight switch...

Anyway, when I turn my "standard light switch" to the first position, there are no lights that come on, but on my cluster there is a light that says that lights are on. Aren't the side lights (which to my understanding are located right in the high beam lamp) supposed to come on?

The second position turns the headlights on which (again to my understanding) are the small lamps located to the outward part of the headlight housing. Then the first position pulled out, nothing happens-no lights, pulled out to the second position, both the headlight and the fog light comes on...the high beam is controlled by the lever on the steering wheel...

The driving running lights I know are the yellow strip of lights that are on the bottom of the Xenon headlight. Am I right on that? They do not stay on when driving. I only see them when I lock / unlock my vehicle.

So if I am correct on how my lights are supposed to work, are my side lights out and for my driving running lights are they just not enabled because this is a US Model previous to 2006 where I read that was when Audi made it standard?

Also, my headlight switch is a standard...there is no Auto option on the switch. I've looked to see if there is an auto one to purchase and what I found was a European version, but only seem to be compatible with the MKII.

So, could I code it with a Vag Com to read Canadian for the driving lights?

Are my side lights out or what could I check?

Is there a switch out there to give me an auto function?

Am I just screwed or is this a factory set up?

Thanks bunches for any help.
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Originally Posted by dvlgrrl6 View Post
So, could I code it with a Vag Com to read Canadian for the driving lights?
Apologies for the delay - been traveling.

Yes, you should be able to code to ROW or region specific.

Not sure if you already have VCDS or this is a pre-purchase question.
If you do have it, please post a complete Auto-Scan as that will help immensely.

Not super familiar with that model and which lamps come on when.
If you haven't already you might want to ask in the TT model specific forum what others experience is.
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