2006: Eleventh Record Year in a Row for Audi

January 8, 2007 Source: Audi AG Record numbers in Germany for vehicle sales and market share Record figures in 41 markets Largest export market USA with vehicle sales record In 2006, Audi succeeded in setting a new record for vehicle sales for the eleventh year in a row: worldwide, 905,100 vehicles were delivered to customers […] More »

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Majestic Power: The Audi Q7 V12 TDI

January 7, 2007 Source: Audi AG Audi is advancing to the cutting edge of diesel technology development. The Ingolstadt brand already has a host of landmark achievements to its credit – and the list is about to be extended with the advent of the first ever V12 TDI passenger car engine. The six-litre unit under […] More »

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Green Power: Low-Emission TDI Engines for the USA

January 7, 2007 Source: Audi AG The trend towards diesel engines is becoming ever more pronounced in the United States too. Audi, the inventor of the modern-day TDI, is going on the offensive in an effort to bolster this tendency. 2008 will see the arrival of the Q7 3.0 TDI in US showrooms. Thanks to […] More »

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Technical Superiority: High-Tech Diesel Engines from Audi

January 7, 2007 Source: Audi AG The new V12 TDI with its supreme performance is a trademark Audi engine. Ever since it first invented the TDI engine 18 years ago, the brand has played a pivotal role in advancing technology in this field. Diesel engines from Audi are powerful, efficient and smooth, and they have […] More »

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Revealed: Audi Video Shoot Photos

January 7, 2007 Compiled by: AudiWorld Staff AudiWorld has received photos of a recent Audi video shoot which took place in Denver, Colorado over this past weekend. Provided by Factory Design Labs, Audi of America’s interactive design agency, the photos include a few different elements, including an Audi Q7 and a whole host of Apple […] More »

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