About Us

Welcome to AudiWorld, the world’s most popular Audi enthusiast website. We cover all things Audi – everything from model news to road tests to show coverage to motorsports to technical articles (and a lot more inbetween).

AudiWorld saw its beginnings as an Audi A4 fan site. Back in those days it was simply called JET’s A4 Pages and it only covered what turned out to be a company-reviving A4 model that debuted in the US in 1996. Content was raw and growth was largely untapped just like most everything else that existed on the Internet at the time. It was, after all, the days of dial-up 28.8kbps modems and a little service called AOL.

In early 1997 JET’s A4 Pages became A4.Org and in-depth coverage of the A4 began in earnest. Audi’s renaissance was picking up steam as well and there were enthusiast get-togethers, Super Touring results, new model features and plenty of other things to cover each month. Forum traffic began what would be exponential growth over the coming years.

Throughout 1997, 1998 and 1999 A4.Org gained momentum as the de facto online Audi publication. Features and functionality such as the Registry, Classifieds, Picture Poster and unique dicussusion forum software were developed during this period. We also dabbled with an Audi TT site called Audi-TT.Org.

By mid 1999 A4.Org and Audi-TT.Org were covering much more than just the single Audi A4 and TT models. We had quite literally branched out to cover the entire Audi brand and needed completely new branding to reflect our comprehensive coverage. A domain name we had registered some years before – audiworld.com – was resurrected.

There was no looking back. From AudiWorld’s launch in December 1999 on we have continued with tremendous growth and ever expanding coverage of the four rings.

Today AudiWorld is the world’s premier Audi enthusiast website. Traffic, both in terms of unique visitors and page views, has grown in the double digits each and every year since inception, an amazing statistic and a testimony to Audi’s own brand popularity. Since 2007 AudiWorld has been part of the Internet Brands family of automotive websites.

An early pioneer in specialized automotive electronic publishing, AudiWorld has become a much-copied enthusiast resource. From the many Audi websites to websites about nearly every other major brand and make, the original AudiWorld “recipe” remains as valid today as it did back in the late nineties. The AudiWorld staff thanks its hundreds of thousands of readers and looks forward to many more years of Audi coverage.

AudiWorld Evolution

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