2008 HPA Audi TT FT565 Twin Turbo: An Exotic Shade of Orange

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April 24, 2008

By: Doug Neilson

“Psssst… Hey buddy, wanna buy a Rolex?” If shady characters in dark alleys could fit HPA’s 2008 FT565 Twin Turbo Audi TT inside their shabby overcoats, they very likely would. The reason for this is due to the fact that the new ultra performing HPA TT represents an “almost too good to be true” value in the world of modern performance supercars. Weighing in at about $125,000 of your hard earned cash pile, it offers a very capable and interesting alternative to a pure exotic such as the Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe, costing about $205,000.

You have likely already seen this particular highly modified, neon orange TT featured online and briefly in some of North America’s major printed automotive magazines. It is, of course, HPA Motorsports’ latest and greatest machine in their storied 18 year history of fabulously fast and famous custom vehicles. Also, this TT was the Gran Turismo Award Winner of “Best in Show” and “Best Import” at last fall’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

HPA, by the way, is the first builder to be a two-time winner of the coveted SEMA “Best in Show” award, winning previously in 2004 with their infamous Mk4 R32 twin turbo creation. For this recent honor, the new HPA TT is destined to be forever immortalized in a future Playstation Gran Turismo release (GT5) as the 2004 HPA R32 was in Gran Turismo 4.

One could deduce that HPA has from the beginning subliminally invited the obvious comparisons to the Gallardo Coupe by electing to have this Euro-spec Mk2 TT pulled off the assembly line in Germany and painted in bright Lamborghini Orange (specifically, “Arancio Ymir” in Lamborghini color speak). The fact that they are both variations on exotic sports cars with over 500 bhp, all-wheel drive, and sophisticated paddle-shift transmissions, makes such a comparison surprisingly realistic. Heck, the upward opening wing doors don’t hurt either.

This HPA TT effortlessly blasts from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds and carries on to a 1/4 mile in 11.7 seconds like clockwork every single time with the help of it’s launch control program, and it possesses a 60 to 0 braking prowess measuring an impressive 111 feet. The Gallardo’s numbers are equally exciting at 3.8, 12.1 and 112, respectively. So what precisely has gone into this TT to make it so “special”; or perhaps “exotic” is the better word?

A custom car like this one is truly a labor of love which showcases superb dedication, teamwork and craftsmanship, the marrying of ideas and dreams of both the owner and the builder, and an amazing attention to the details of what you see, and especially, of what you don’t see. Also, a show car at this high level of caliber exhibits a series of industry “firsts” which go by virtually unnoticed to the casual observer:

  • The first new Mk 2 TT in North America – one of the first production Euro-spec TT’s, it was purchased in Germany and shipped directly to the HPA Motorsports headquarter facility in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
  • The first of 10 limited edition HPA FT565 Twin Turbo conversions
  • The first production KW Suspension V3 coil-over kit for the Mk 2 TT
  • The first production LSD slant door kit for the Mk 2 TT
  • The first production Brake Upgrade Kit for the Mk 2 TT
  • The first production Oettinger body kit for the Mk 2 TT
  • The first production Moda new model “MD3” wheel set
  • The first production Dunlop Sport Maxx “GT” tires, not yet officially released

    The heart and soul of this modified TT is its potent power plant. HPA Motorsports’ “Infamous” Twin Turbo systems deliver the absolute ultimate in reliability, refinement, drivability, throttle response, torque and top end raw power for the 3.2L VR6 24V engine. The unrivalled output of the limited edition FT565 turbo system, some 565bhp and 500 ft.lbs of torque, is created by a combination of custom quick-spooling twin Garret/HGP R28 ball bearing turbochargers, a proprietary short runner intake manifold, dual high capacity side mount intercoolers with custom aluminum shrouding, cool blue silicone boost tubing, a hi-flow mass airflow sensor, a compression reducing head plate (8.5:1), an upgraded fuel pressure regulator, larger fuel injectors, and seamless proprietary ECU programming. The hugely increased exhaust gas volume exits through dual 70mm ceramic coated down pipes, dual metallic 100 cell catalytic converters, and a sensational 88mm stainless steel exhaust system with twin ECU controlled secondary bypass valves before the rear muffler. Things are also safely strengthened in the bottom end by installing proprietary race grade connecting rod bearings.

    More than doubling the power and torque of the TT’s VR6 engine required careful modification of the DSG clutch pack, DSG transmission and Haldex driveline. The clutch received HPA’s proprietary high performance upgrade, and the DSG paddle shift transmission received a new software program to properly deal with the increased torque. The only other driveline modification involved the replacing of the standard OE Haldex Gen2 controller with the “Sport” Haldex Gen 2 controller which more aggressively and effectively distributes power to all four wheels. This provides additional chassis control allowing the driver’s input to better dictate the vehicle dynamics under braking and corner entry.

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