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April 12, 2013

Source: Audi Media

The new DTM season starts in three weeks from now. What are Audi’s expectations for tackling the season?

At Audi, the aim is always to be in contention for victory. We intensively worked toward this aim throughout the winter. Of course this doesn’t mean you automatically win the title…

Why should things in 2013 be going better than last year after the technology of the DTM cars was “frozen” at the level of the 2012 finale?

It’s true that last year didn’t go the way we’d expected. We were forced to catch up during the season – that’s difficult in a championship which is on such a high level. In 2012, we didn’t squeeze the optimum out of the things we developed and installed in the cars during the season. In winter, we tried to improve the usability of the things that are available to us within the constraints of the regulations.

How well has this been achieved?

We’ll only know that at Hockenheim because, as experience has shown, the tests don’t provide a genuine assessment of where you stand. And of course we know that our competitors didn’t sleep either.

Will the role of the driver become even more important due to the more compact race weekend and new aspects such as the adjustable wing flap (DRS) and option tires in 2013?

We’re expecting it will – that’s why we rely on drivers who have all been on the DTM podium at least once. I think we’ve got the strongest squad we’ve ever had in the DTM. And that’s what you need if you want to make it all the way to the top.

How has Jamie Green gelled with the team?

Quite superbly. He was positively received by our team and fits really well with Audi. And maybe we’ll finally manage winning at the Norisring again with him too…

Are DRS and option tires the right way to go for the DTM?

I think that both will make the races even more thrilling. It’s a hallmark of the DTM not to stop and to keep trying new things to make the series even more attractive. The cooperation with the Super GT in Japan and the GRAND-AM/NASCAR in the United States are important steps as well. This gives the manufacturers a great opportunity to be active with DTM cars in these growth markets. As far as the costs are concerned, it’s extremely important to be able to field the DTM cars in other championships too.


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