Sporty, elegant and open – The new Audi A3 Cabriolet

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Convertible top

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Like every open-top Audi, the new A3 Cabriolet has a fully automatic top made of cloth, which fits in harmoniously with the car’s design lines. The top opens or closes in 18 seconds, even while driving at speeds up to 50 km/h (31.07 mph). When the top is down, it takes up very little space in the trunk and it is lighter than a comparable folding steel roof; this reduces the overall weight of the open-top four-seater and is advantageous in lowering its center of gravity.

Together with its hydraulic drive, the convertible top only weighs around 50 kilograms (110.23 lb). The large roof peak is made of magnesium. The parts that give the roof its shape – the tensioners at the rear and the bows that are joined to the roof fabric – are made of aluminum. High-strength steel is used in parts such as the tensioning rods, which provide stability.

The top consists of three layers of material and a headliner. In the optional acoustic roof, the foam, which absorbs low-frequency noise up to around 500 hertz, weighs around 30 percent more than the standard version. The acoustic top sets new standards in its class with its excellent noise insulation abilities. Precisely designed joints and seals reduce high-frequency noise considerably.

The new centrifugal piston pump is 1.5 kilograms (3.31 lb) lighter than in the previous engine; it supplies six hydraulic cylinders with up to 160 bars of pressure. Four of them move the roof, while the other two activate the hinged cover of the roof tray. The variable roof tray is manually folded down before retracting the soft top, and it only reduces trunk space slightly. The top is folded together so that the inside of the roof peak lies at the top – this is what is known as a K-fold. At the press of a button, opening and closing takes places within 18 seconds, and it can even be done while driving at speeds up to 50 km/h (31.07 mph).

On the outside of the roof, the seams run in a longitudinal direction – a sophisticated solution that emphasizes the extended lines of the new Audi A3 Cabriolet. A large heated rear window ensures good rear visibility. In addition to the standard Black roof color, the acoustic top is also available in Gray and Brown as well as the additional headlining color lunar silver, along with black.

The wind deflector is standard with the Ambition equipment line. There is optional head-level heating for the front seats, which directs warm air from the upper areas of the seat backs. An active rollover protection system protects occupants. It consists of two spring-loaded plates that are recessed into the body. In case of a rollover or a frontal collision, magnetic actuators open the mechanical lock. Within just a few milliseconds, the plates spring upward in order to protect occupants, together with the windshield frame.

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