Adria as Seen by Audi Driver Martin Tomczyk

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May 14, 2004

Source: Audi Sport

Staying in Southern Europe after the race at Estoril two weeks ago, the DTM is staging its second event away from home at Adria International Raceway, where spectactors saw a thrilling DTM debut in 2003. With its tight corners, the shortest circuit on the whole DTM calendar promises lots of door-to-door duels. Audi driver Martin Tomczyk, who clinched his first DTM podium position at Estoril, comments on the track near Venice.

Racing here for the second time, how would you describe Adria?
Martin Tomczyk: “This is anything but a typical circuit, as Adria practically consists of nothing but acceleration and braking. Unfortunately, there are practically no long, high-speed straights.

What is particularly important at Adria International Raceway?
Martin Tomczyk: “It’s the brakes and tyres. During the free practice session, you have to optimise the brakes and find a setup that keeps brake performance stable throughout the race. The constant braking and acceleration is extremely hard on the tyres, particularly since the circuit is slightly slanted behind some of the turns.

What are the key points for you?
Martin Tomczyk: “All the hairpins, to be sure. You’ve got to find the optimal braking point in order to take as much speed as possible out into the straights. Especially because the hairpins are so short, any mile you miss means a mile less per hour.

Where do you see the best opportunities for overtaking at Adria?
Martin Tomczyk: “You can only overtake on this circuit, if the guy in front makes a mistake. Consequently, a good grid position and perfect pit stops are all the more important.”

What role does heat play on the day of the race?
Martin Tomczyk: “Last year’s hot temperatures clearly showed that a driver has to be in top physical shape for this track. Otherwise, each time you worry about your condition, you lose a bit of concentration. I go through a rigorous training programme before and during the season to prepare for such demands. To compensate the loss of fluids at least a little, I’m going to carry a second drinking bottle with me on Sunday.

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