All New Audi TT One Step Closer

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March 8, 2006

By: Jason Teller

In what has become typical Audi fashion, the automaker today started the process of slowly revealing a completely new vehicle. Avid Audi followers will recall that Audi used the same tactic around the Q7 SUV, albeit over a period of nearly a year.

This time around it was the second generation Audi TT which many had speculated would be shown in Geneva, but which now appears to be slated for an internet-based reveal on April 6th and a first public showing at the New York International Auto Show the following week. Thankfully we’ll be getting more than sketches and partial photographs of the TT in short order.

Audi’s TT Lounge microsite will play host to the debut live online.

The microsite initially offers a mostly obscured portrait of the new TT – based on the same photo as shown above – and a PC-based screensaver which shows a design sketch. Visitors can also order cell phone downloads, sign up for an e-mail newsletter and enter an exclusive contest where the winner will get a TT driving experience.

Some additional research led us to three photos of interest on the Audi TT Club Italia website.

The first photo is of a TT test mule that, despite the tail light masking, clearly shows the TT’s trunk and roof. The shape of the trunk shows clear family lineage to the current Audi lineup, and specifically to the A6.

Next up is what appears to be a mock up – or perhaps the real – stage where the all new Audi TT will be shown for the first time. The source of the photos are unknown, but TT signage is clearly visible in the background.

Last is a photo of the new TT’s data sheet which settles the question regarding the powerplants that Audi will launch in this new vehicle. The tuneable 2.0T FSI engine and the 3.2-liter V6 appear to be the initial offering.

Audi will undoubtedly continue to roll out more revealing photographs and additional information on the TT leading up to the April 6th debut. A quick visit to the TT Lounge (and registration there) will ensure you get that info directly from Audi. Alternatively AudiWorld has you covered.

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