APR and STaSIS Featured on SPEED TV’S Sports Car Revolution

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February 8, 2005

Source: APR / STaSIS

(Auburn, AL, Sonoma, CA)–APR, LLC, Stasis Engineering, H-Sport, and Audi have partnered together to be the “project car” for this years’ 13-episode season on Sports Car Revolution. Sports Car Revolution is a television series on Speed TV that documents the upgrade path for one vehicle over an entire series of episodes. The show also has performance reviews for many different modern and classic sports cars, as well as tips for upgrading different vehicles and improving the most important part of the package, the driver.

Similar to last years King Motorsports Project Mugen Acura RSX-S, Sports Car Revolution will feature a 2005 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro. Modifications planned begin with minor performance software upgrades, and continue to a fully developed vehicle with an upgraded APR turbo kit, upgraded APR Intercooler, Stasis coilover suspension, Stasis brakes, H-Sport sway bars, and much more! All the improvements from each modification will be measured with advanced Stack instrumentation and data logging, to prove their worth.

This seasons Sport Car Revolution episodes start on Feb 26th. Be sure to check you local listings for all show times on Speed.


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