APR Leads the Industry with the Introduction of Multiple Program Switching for the 2.0T Engine!

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October 18, 2005

Source: APR

The benchmark has been set. Now switch between stock and modified engine programs instantly without using external hardware!

How would you like the ability to change between engine programs on the fly through the convenience of your driver’s seat? What if you had the options of a 91 and 93 octane performance program, a race fuel program as well as the stock program and a valet mode? Now you have all of this and more with DirectPort EMCS available exclusively through APR and our qualified dealer network.

The APR DirectPort EMCS technology is an industry first and market leading technology. APR was the first to offer serial reprogramming for the 2.0T (Motronic 9) engines. Our serial programming technology allows performance engine software to be uploaded to the vehicle without any hardware changes or engine control unit removal. Now we have added to this the ability to switch between multiple programs of your choice! All of this can be programmed to your vehicles engine computer by APR or one of our qualified dealers within a few minutes time. Please contact APR or one of our qualified dealers http://www.goapr.com/Audi/dealer/locator.php to setup an appointment!

APR, the Industry Leader in Audi/VW engine electronics. GOAPR!!! Look for this and other engineered products at www.goapr.com

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