APR Releases the R1 Diverter Valve!

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May 30, 2007

Source: APR

After 3 years of development, APR has done it again! The world’s only diaphragm style diverter valve that is capable of holding extreme boost levels with no loss of response and operation is now available! A diaphragm based valve offers the fastest response possible, faster than the oem 710n, light years beyond the ability of piston style valves and with a lifetime warranty and no torn diaphragms!

The R1 incorporates a cast aluminum lower assembly, cnc’ed top assembly with oem style pressed and rolled vacuum port, fabric reinforced nomex diaphragm and proprietary spring. All metal parts are anodized and the lower assembly is powder coated glossy black for a very attractive engine bay. All R1’s are manufactured in the USA and assembled with final quality control at the APR World Headquarters.

The R1 will respond almost 10 times faster than any other aftermarket valve currently available, requires zero maintenance and works for every turbo car in the world that requires recirculation (engine management uses a mass air flow meter). Keep that a secret though because we don’t want the competition to learn how APR Tuned Porsche, Audi and VW’s make it to the finish line first!


  • Product Link: APR R1 Diverter Valve
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