Audi B9 A4/S4 ECS Street Shield Aluminum Skid Plate

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Fresh out of our Research and Development department is a new protective measure for your Audi B9: The ECS Street Shield Aluminum Skid Plate! Protecting your oil pan, steering, and suspension components is critical, especially in lowered vehicles. Potholes and various road hazards are frequent moments of terror that plague lowered and slammed cars. This Street Shield gives you peace of mind in taking the hit for you should an unavoidable obstacle find itself in your path.

Constructed from 4mm thick 5052 Aluminum, the ECS Street Shield can take an astounding amount of punishment that would otherwise put your critical undercarriage parts at risk.

The Street Shield is constructed in such a way that it provides excellent protection without adding significant weight. The plate only weighs about 11 pounds, including hardware.

We all know protection and functionality are both paramount in a skid plate, but who said they have to be without style? The ECS Street Shield logo is embossed in the milled finish of your skid plate, giving the exposed side a subtle hint of style.

Installation with provided hardware is a simple process, meaning you can enjoy your B9 with fewer worries in an afternoon. The skid plate is easily installed in place of the OEM belly pan and fitment is a direct bolt on swap that mimics the original guarding.

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