Audi design Square Chronograph by Sinn

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January 4, 2004

High tech and progressive design – this is the combination that Audi design has applied to create an extraordinary watch project at its Studio for Concept Design in Munich.

The Square Chronograph is the first masterpiece to emerge from the collaboration between Audi subsidiary, quattro GmbH, and Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH of Frankfurt am Main.

The typical Audi formal idiom can be detected in the styling of Audi design’s Square Chronograph. The square, as the clear, geometric basic shape, is emotionalised by means of tautly drawn dynamic planes. Additional tension is created by the juxtaposition of matt, satin-finish and high-gloss polished surfaces.
The formal design is continued in the easily legible watch face.

Incorporating Audi’s patented adjusting mechanism into the watch housing for the fine adjustment of the watchstrap turned this watch project into a technical challenge.

Audi has found a suitable partner in Sinn Spezialuhren, where the agenda includes the continuous further advancement of what is technically feasible in the art of the watchmaker.

Everything there has revolved around high-quality mechanical watches for
42 years now. The history of the company began with the development and manufacture of instrument-like watches and on-board clocks with the highest levels of functionality, which satisfied the professional demands of pilots perfectly.

These have been followed by repeated technical innovations right up to the present day, all of which have had the experts sitting up and taking notice. There are parallels to be drawn between such unique detailed technical solutions and the claims made by Audi as a manufacturer of premium cars.

Functional reliability under extreme climatic conditions (-40 ° to +80 °C) is guaranteed by the special oil developed and employed by Sinn.

A special process using Sinn’s patented Tegiment technology allows a particularly hard surface finish to be achieved on the stainless steel housing, making it more resistant to scratches.

A special damping grease developed by Sinn is used to prevent oscillation of the winder rotor of the Swiss Valjoux 7750 chronograph on the driver’s arm.

The patented Audi adjusting mechanism in the watch housing alters the length of the watch strap within an adjustment range of 3 mm. Along with the nickel-free watch back and buckle on the purely vegetable-tanned cowhide strap, this guarantees outstanding comfort for the wearer. All the components that make up the chronograph are produced in Germany and Switzerland.

The Audi design Square Chronograph will be available from March 2004. More information will also be available at the same time, at

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