Audi Forum New York City Hosts “Watches and Wheels: Precision German Engineering”

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October 28, 2007

Source: Swatch Group US Inc.

From October 25 – November 30, 2007 the Audi Forum New York City will host “Watches and Wheels: Precision German Engineering”. This special exhibit pairs Audi’s German cars with Glashütte Original’s German watches.

The Audi Forum New York City is located at 250 Park Avenue (47th Street) and phone number 212-370-AUDI.

Audi & Glashütte Original: Performance Engineering, Technical Innovation, and Legendary Style

The German companies Audi and Glashütte Original are natural partners. Both are leaders in technological innovation and high-performance engineering; both exemplify fine German craftsmanship and the use of the highest caliber materials; and both have been extolled by design-industry critics for their originality of line and form. In this exhibit, the newest models from each company have been paired to emphasize the specific qualities they share.

Sport Design & An Innovative Use of Materials

The Audi S8 & the Glashütte Original Sport Evolution Chronograph

  • S8: Aircraft-grade aluminum body and Al Contara suede automotive headliners
  • Sport Evolution Chronograph: Rose gold case and hand-stitched Trieste textile strap


    Design Stars

    The Audi S5 & the Glashütte Original Panomatic Lunar XL

  • S5: Praised as a “symphony of lines in sheet metal”
  • Panomatic Lunar XL: “Pano-date” design means both digits of the date can be displayed in a single “panorama” aperture


    Pure Power and Sheer Performance

    The Audi TT Roadster & the Glashütte Original Senator Navigator

  • TT Roadster: Second generation TT Roadster sports an “Engine of the Year” award winner with S tronic transmission and lightweight construction
  • Senator Navigator: Known as “The Pilot’s Watch”; “zero reset” function allows movement to run behind disengaged hands while the user sets the time, meaning that full power and time-keeping accuracy are maintained


    Industry-Changing Innovation and Engineering

    The Audi S6 & the Glashütte Original PanoTourbillon XL

  • S6: All-new 435 hp 5.2 liter FSI Direct Injection V10 engine
  • Pano Tourbillon XL: Features an unusual “flying” tourbillon, in which the balance, pallets, and escapement wheel are located in a single carriage cantilevered from only one side of the base plate so that it appears to be floating when viewed from the other side.



    The Audi R8 & the Glashütte Original Senator Rattrapante Limited Edition

  • R8: World-famous German-designed engine powered the car to victory at the famous Le Mans Grand PrixSenator
  • Rattrapante: Split-seconds function allows the user to time two separate events simultaneously with precision accuracy-unique in a hand-wound mechanical movement


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