Audi News Forum Added to AudiWorld Site

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August 27, 2005

Source: AudiWorld

There are a good many Audi related websites and newsources. Beyond online content there are a multitude of enthusiasts magazines, books and TV shows which provide coverage for the four-rings brand.

While AudiWorld is committed to providing end-to-end Audi-related coverage, it is not feasible or desirable to cover absolutely everything out there. For one thing there is lot of copyrighted material which we simply cannot re-print. Above and beyond that we would prefer to publish the most important Audi news together with a healthy amount of original content as opposed to trying to cover everything single tidbit of Audi information out there.

The “blog” is the answer for the best of both worlds. We are not the first to do this, but we do see it as a very logical extension of our core mandate of providing the most comprehensive Audi enthusiast website in the world.

The result is that we have launched a new Discussion Forum called the Audi News Forum in which our staff, together with a group of Audi News Contributing Editors, will aggregate pertinent news from many different sources. We want readers to have one spot that can serve as a launching off point to car reviews, rumors, interesting tid-bits, industry news and other Audi-related content which would not ordinarily be found published on AudiWorld.

Please visit the Audi News Forum to read more and keep in mind that we are searching for Audi News Contributing Editors.

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