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July 7, 2008

Source: Audi AG

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The Audi Q5 is the performance SUV for a dynamic, active clientele – it displays all the talents needed in a vehicle designed for sport, family and leisure use. Its target audience is people of a high level of education who attach importance to active leisure; many of them enjoy cycling or other sports. Audi Q5 customers view their car as an expression of their individuality and consequently attach great importance to attractive design, sportiness and performance.

The cargo area is one of the Audi Q5’s practical strengths. In its basic configuration it already offers a substantial 540 liters (19.07 cubic ft) of cargo space, which can be used very effectively. The floor is completely flat; the loading lip is only 69 centimeters (27.17 in) high and lies almost flush with the floor. The loading width is an impressive 105 centimeters (41.34 in) even between the wheel arches, and the loading length 93 centimeters (36.31 in).

Four golf bags can easily be stowed cross-wise, and the maximum payload is a huge 580 kilograms (1278.68 lb).

The capacity of the cargo area can be virtually tripled by a simple two-stage operation. The seat backs, divided 60:40, can be folded down with consummate ease. Preloaded by springs, they drop down by themselves onto the seat cushions and no further adjustments or removal procedures for the head restraints are required. This process is triggered by two mechanical release levers recessed in the side trims of the cargo area, operating by means of pull cables. If the levers on the seats are operated with the seat backs folded down, they come back up through about 45 degrees and can then easily be uprighted manually.

The extended cargo area has a capacity of 1,560 liters (55.09 cubic ft) (loaded to roof height) and a loading length of 170 centimeters (66.93 in). It can be dramatically increased yet again by the convenient option of a folding front passenger’s seat, with special kinematics to fold its seat back down forwards. The cargo area is rendered even more versatile with another option, the rear seat bench plus. This can be slid forward by 10 centimeters (3.94 in) and also incorporates a large load-through hatch. The seat back of the slightly narrower center seat (40:20:40) is designed to fold down individually.

The trunk lid is released electrically by a pushbutton and pivots high enough up to allow even tall people to stand under it without bumping their heads. For ease of closing there is a continuous strip handle that is within immediate reach. Audi is able to supply an electrically powered trunk lid as an option.

For everyday use: many ingenious details

Audi’s engineers gave the Audi Q5 an array of other ingenious details to equip it for the diverse challenges of everyday use. These include a 12V power socket on the right side panel of the cargo area, two lights, two folding bag hooks and four lashing eyes in the floor. These are made from solid metal and chrome-plated. The precision with which they can be moved is another example of Audi’s uncompromising standards of quality. These standards are also evidenced by the cargo area’s plush trim: the entire compartment is lined in exclusive carpeting.

The additional storage levels are also a handy idea. The two-piece floor can be folded up to reveal a finely trimmed additional compartment about 18 centimeters (7.09 in) deep. This can accommodate a dirt-resistant tray that is ideal for storing wet or dirty objects such as running shoes or ski boots. Its size depends on whether the Audi Q5 is equipped with a hi-fi system with subwoofer or folding wheel, or alternatively the space-saving standard tire repair kit.

If the Audi Q5 customer has ordered the optional storage package, there is a large storage net suspended from the underside of the rear shelf. This package also includes a sliding net for the recess in the right side panel of the cargo area. A sturdy partition net in the cargo area is included in the standard specification. It can be secured at various points, depending on whether the rear seat backs are upright or folded down.

Other options available include the rail system with load-securing set, a system of rails in which a telescopically extending rail and a spring-loaded strap can be engaged, to divide up the compartment flexibly. A reversible mat and a removable bag for skis and snowboards complete the range of optional items for the Audi Q5. The optional trailer tow hitch can be pivoted out and light-emitting diodes indicate whether it is correctly locked in position. The accessories range includes various racks for transporting bikes, canoes, surf boards and skis on the roof.

The equipment, data and prices stated here refer to the model range offered for sale in Germany. Subject to amendment; errors and omissions excepted.

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Text: SummaryExteriorBodyCargo AreaInteriorEnginesDrivetrainRunning GearAssistance SystemsMultimedia SystemsEquipment & Trim

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