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We recently received a copy of a wonderful electronic iBook – Audi Quattro The Complete History – By Lorenzo Facchinetti.

In it, the author describes his introduction to Audi at a very young age in his native Italy, his coming of age automotively if you will, via an early love affair with a certain Audi Coupe. He also outlines his decision to develop this as an apple iBook exclusively.

Being an iBook, Facchinetti was able to incorporate audio and video along with what might be one of the best collection of Audi Quattro photos we’ve seen in one place to date. Many of the images are Audi PR photos, licensed from Audi of Italy, and there are also some interesting shots we hadn’t seen before.

This 76 “page” book outlines the complete timeline of events which ultimately lead to one of the most revolutionary cars ever made appearing at the 1980 Geneva Auto Show, with every tidbit of information known about this car, including how the name quattro came to be.

Not only are historic events surrounding the production of the street quattro well documented, Facchinetti goes into great detail outlining the vaunted and fearsome Audi Quattro rallye cars, and their equally vaunted and fearsome drivers.

This iBook is well worth the $9.99 price, though the fact that it is only available for your Apple i-device is a mild annoyance to anyone who doesn’t speak Apple…

We thoroughly enjoyed this book and encourage anyone looking for a great iBook detailing the history of one of our all-time favorite cars to download it.




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