Audi Sport Quattro Driven!

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For any long time Audi owner and enthusiast, it doesn’t get much better than this. At the recent TT RS media event in Pahrump NV, Audi brought their 1985 Sport Quattro to display alongside the various TT models they had on hand. Even though we were all there to sample the all new and incredibly exciting TT RS, like children in a candy store, most of us were irresistibly drawn to the vintage Sport Quattro. This is a car that more than a few of our group mentioned was one they always loved.

Journalists being journalists, it wasn’’t long till we were all begging Audi’’s PR master Jeff Kuhlman for a chance to drive the car In all honesty, even if just around the parking lot, just being able to say we drove a genuine Sport Quattro was all we wanted. Jeff being Jeff, arrangements were made for those of us who wanted to take a lap around the track at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch behind the Audi Q7 photo vehicle, with photographer Jim Fets hanging precariously out of the back.

While we didn’’t have the chance to explore more than first gear, in all honesty, we didn’’t care. The moment was so special to all of us who took a drive in the Sport Quattro, it didn’’t matter than we didn’’t get to feel the reportedly pronounced turbo lag, or relatively underpowered brakes. We were told that we would most likely be disappointed driving this now 25 year old car, as compared to the TT RS, it is much less exciting, much more raw.

No, to us, we all saw it as driving a piece of history. It’s a museum all its own. As I was circling the track trying desperately not to crash into the Q7 just feet in front of this priceless car, I was trying to think about all of the people who may have driven the car through the years. Who else had gripped the thin ring steering wheel? Who else carefully worked it through the gears while enjoying the sights and sounds and smells that only exist in these older cars?

Thanks to Audi for this rare opportunity! A lot of childhood dreams came true that glorious late summer day!







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