Audi Twin-Cup Gala Event in Hungary: Awards for the 30 Best Service Teams from 28 Countries

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May 8, 2004

Source: Audi AG

  • 7,740 Service staff worldwide took part in the competition
  • International Audi motivation and qualification programme

    There are two calls for celebration in Hungary today: one is Hungary’s entry into the European Union, the second is the granting of the awards to the 30 Audi Service teams from 28 countries within the scope of the Audi Twin-Cup gala event in Budapest. Its proximity to the Audi plant in Györ and the festivities accompanying Hungary’s entry to the EU make Budapest the ideal location for the awards ceremony, especially as the Hungarian winning team, the staff of “Obudai Autojavito”, are from Budapest. “Audi Service in Hungary is a prime example of the quality standards of the new EU countries”, comments Dietmar Hildebrandt, Head of After Sales and Genuine Parts at AUDI AG.

    7,740 Service staff from more than 40 countries participated in the Audi Service competition. In line with the motto “Follow the trail of success”, there was only one goal: one brand, one standard. “The award winners are exemplary of the competence and performance of Audi Service” says Dietmar Hildebrandt. The awards ceremony takes place every year at a different Audi location, thereby enabling the Audi Service philosophy to travel once around the world.
    Participating at the gala event is one of the highlights for the winning teams.

    The competition took place over a period of eight months in Germany. More than 1,800 teams took part in the qualifying rounds. During the three question and answer sessions the participants were motivated to commit themselves to the Audi brand beyond the call of duty, and to consistently work on their qualification, also in their leisure time. For the first time in the history of the Audi Twin-Cup the competition was carried out completely online. The following practical final saw the selection of the winning team.

    The Audi Twin-Cup, a worldwide motivation and qualification programme all about knowledge concerning Audi Service, has been taking place for the past eight years. The programme is aimed at all Service staff at the dealerships. The competition is divided into the two disciplines, “Service” and “Technology”.

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