AudiWorld Acquired by Internet Brands, Inc.

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July 19, 2007

Dear AudiWorld Readers,

I’m pleased to announce that AudiWorld, the world’s largest online Audi enthusiast publication, has been acquired by Internet Brands, Inc., which operates leading automotive web sites such as,, NewCarTestDrive and

AudiWorld will be maintained as a stand-alone site, while leveraging Internet Brands’ technology and content resources where appropriate. There are currently no changes planned for AudiWorld – other than moving to a faster data center – and the same group of Contributing Editors, Technical Leads and Moderators will continue to play an active role in the community and in the growth of the site.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email them to me. There is an FAQ about the acquisition below, and we’ve set up an acquisition discussion topic in the Feedback Forum. Also, beyond any questions you might have, I’d enjoy hearing any ideas you might have for how to better serve the AudiWorld community going forward.

Thank you.

Jason Teller ([email protected])
Founder & Managing Editor


Q: Why did Internet Brands buy AudiWorld?
A: Internet Brands’ mission is to empower consumers to make better decisions about buying and maintaining their most important purchases, such as cars and homes. AudiWorld’s users offer outstanding advice and support for Audi owners and shoppers, n00bs and veterans alike, which should be a very good fit with the rest of the Internet Brands Automotive sites.

Q: Will AudiWorld become part of another Internet Brand site?
A: Internet Brands plans to keep AudiWorld a separate, thriving site and to continue expanding its content, community, applications and traffic.

Q: Are Jason Teller, Neil McGarry and Johannes Erdfelt going to continue at AudiWorld?
A: Yes. AudiWorld’s founders will continue their current level of involvement on the site and in the community. We also expect our Contributing and Technical Editors will continue on same as before.

Q: What changes can we expect to see on AudiWorld?
A: For the time being, AudiWorld will remain essentially unchanged. AudiWorld is in a leadership position in the online Audi community, which means that many things are going well already. The main near-term addition you’ll probably notice is that Internet Brands will examine the most logical places to put links to relevant content on other IB Automotive sites. Beyond that, Internet Brands plans to brainstorm with the Admins and Moderators about improvements that would make the site more useful.

Q: How will the acquisition help AudiWorld?
A: The main benefit will be having more infrastructure and technology resources behind the site. Better servers and hardware will mean better performance for the site and admin tools. And more technology resources will mean faster bug-fixes, quicker turnaround on site changes and more frequent updates in site software and applications.

Q: Will my AudiWorld log-in or password change?
A: No you will still access AudiWorld as you always have.

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