AudiWorld Launches New Audi Customizer Application

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July 3, 2006

Source: AudiWorld

Think of today’s hottest cars and imagine all of the design energy, research and development dollars and passion that went into creating them. While automobiles now come standard with what would have been unthinkable just ten years ago (massive horsepower and 18″ wheels for example), many owners still yearn to add a personal touch. This is of course what has allowed multi-million dollar aftermarket tuning industries to build up around the most tunable brands – Audi included.

There is a truly rich legacy of aftermarket tuning around both yesteryear’s Audi’s and today’s newer models. The Audi A3, which represents a completely new market segment for Audi of America, is a prime tuning candidate based on both its likely competitors and the younger demographic targeted with the automobile. Many of the usual suspect tuning companies have provided options for customizing the A3 both inside and out.

To that end AudiWorld is pleased to offer its newest online application – the Audi Customizer – featuring an online A3 for users to configure and re-configure over and over. The application is fully stocked with colors, wheels, body kits, lighting, suspension choices and many other fully customizable options. The A3 can even be de-badged.

Enjoy the Audi Customizer and feel free to leave us feedback if you like what you see or have other thoughts or questions. Windows users can “save” fully configured vehicles using the PrintScreen function. Simple hit the [PrintScreen] key on your keyboard and then paste the grab into your favorite graphics application where it can be cropped, saved and uploaded to the AudiWorld PicturePoster.

Click here to use the Audi Customizer now.

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