Award for Audi Side Assist

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March 20, 2006

Source: Audi AG

Audi has won the “Innovation of the Future” special award from Germany’s biggest consumer magazine “Guter Rat”. The editorial jury thus paid tribute to the new radar-assisted driver assistance system Audi side assist which monitors the blind spot. Dr. Willibert Schleuter, Head of Electrics/Electronics Development at AUDI AG, took receipt
of the award in Berlin.

Audi side assist aids the driver when changing lane. The radar system monitors the areas in the blind spot as well as fast-approaching vehicles at a range of about 50 metres to the rear of the car. If Audi side assist identifies another vehicle, it informs the driver via an LED light in the exterior mirror. The system gives a warning by emitting a flashing signal via the LED if the driver has activated the turn indicator in preparation for changing lane, but has overlooked another vehicle in the adjacent lane.

The new driver assistance system supports the driver’s skills without absolving him of responsibility, and therefore provides a substantial gain in convenience and safety. At Audi, the focus is always on the benefit for the driver. Audi side assist was therefore developed with constant reference to the expectations of different drivers. Behavioural studies and analyses of real accidents formed the basis for the development of the system.

Audi side assist is being introduced for the first time on the Audi Q7. The performance SUV has been on the market since 10 March, with over 15,000 orders having already been received in Europe alone. Audi side assist is available at a price of 550 euros. And even at this early stage, every fourth Audi Q7 customer is choosing this system as an option.

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