Carlisle Import and Kit Nationals – 2014

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Weather plays a significant role in the overall success of an outdoor car show, and this year attendees of the Carlisle Import and Kit nationals had possibly the best luck possible, as the days leading up to show day were what can only be described as soggy. As daylight broke on May 19th, the sky became clear, and we smiled, knowing we would be able to enjoy all of what makes this show so enjoyable.


Prior to the official event at the Carlisle Fairgrounds, we were sure to swing by Sun Motorcars/Mechanicsburg Audi for their 4 Ring Breakfast. What has become a Carlisle tradition, the crew at Sun are gracious hosts and genuinely seem to enjoy being invaded by this group of Audi fanatics. The food is awesome, and it is a treat to walk the lot to drool on all of the new and previously loved Audis, and Porsches, and even the random McLaren 4C.. It is a car lover’s paradise.


Once we removed ourselves from the temptation of yet another plate of bacon and eggs and bagels and coffee, we took off for the Carlisle Fairgrounds. As in years past, the Audi parking area is front and center on the road into the fairgrounds. Audi is one of the best represented marques there, though there are huge numbers of Saab and Volvos there as well. There was a very large contingent of Audis present once again, ranging from the very old DKW, to the very latest in B8 A4 and pretty much everything in between.


We have come to love this show for the overall atmosphere, which is very relaxed, with lots of room for the various clubs, such as the Audi club, to have their hospitality tents, chairs, and places to gather and visit. Carlisle has become one of the major gathering points for the regional Audi club members to congregate, and spend some quality time together. There is also a healthy automotive atmosphere, where it is common to see people tweaking their cars in some way, as with the congregation of Audi fans comes extensive knowledge of the technology.


Aside from the Audi love, Carlisle offers many other distractions throughout the grounds, such as live bands playing throughout the day, swap meets and vendor sections, and a variety of food vendors.

Obviously there are many very cool cars to look at too, and this year we found some spectacular examples, such as a stunning Lamborghini Countach, numerous Jaguar E-Types, and on and on.


We love the Carlisle Import and Kit Nationals, and we are already looking forward to next year!

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