Carlisle Import-Kit/Replicar Nationals: 2nd Annual Audi 4000 & CGT Get Together

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June 3, 2005

Text and Photos: Morgan Evans (85-4kq-girl)

Every once in a while we catch ourselves in one of those “I can’t believe this is happening” situations. This feeling washed over me recently, and continued for a few exciting days. The cause was a gathering in Central Pennsylvania where there was a line up – over 30 strong – of Audi 4000’s, 4000 quattro’s, Coupe GT’s, and Ur-quattro’s.

For those familiar with these Audi models from the past, this was a gathering that simply does not come together very often. For those unfamiliar, consider that the total numbers of some of these “historic” Audis that were imported to the States was actually quite small. The 2nd Annual Get Together of the Audi 4000/CGT Club at the Carlisle Fairgrounds in Carlisle, PA between May 20th and May 22nd afforded ample time with some of these amazing vehicles.

The Carlisle Fairgrounds had already proven itself as a great location for the previous year’s get together, so it was easy to pick it again this year. Talk began long ago on the AudiWorld 4000/CGT Forum about a second gathering; by mid-December registrants had already signed up for the event (Import-Kit/Replicar Nationals) which was over 5 months away. Last year, we were pleased to have 27 4000’s and CGT’s registered, but this year a total of 41 cars were registered under our club.

Imagine this if you can: fourteen Audi 4000 quattros, two Audi 4000’s, five Audi Coupe GT’s, eight Ur-quattros, one Ur-quattro 20-valve conversion and even one Ur-quattro S1 Rally Car. All in one place at one time! These numbers even earned our crew a 3rd place trophy for car club attendance (Volvo won 2nd with 49 cars, and Saab took 1st place with over 170 registrants). Also sprinkled among our group were a few AudiWorld members who frequent the 4000/CGT forum, but who drove their late-model Audis to the show.




Numerous posts on the 4000/CGT Forum kept folks up-to-date as to who was signed up, deadlines for registering, fees for camping on-site, what food and drinks to bring for the cook outs, and other important details. As the event drew closer, more and more people had signed up.

It is truly astounding the distances that some people drove – all for the sake of some old school Audi comraderie – to get to Carlisle. The S1 Rally Car was towed in all the way from Texas. Other AudiWorld’ers from Georgia, Michigan, Indiana, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and as far north as Ontario, Canada were in attendance. Most of the vehicles drove in to the event with no problems. Others had to face a few mechanical difficulties, which unfortunately can become part of the “experience” when driving a twenty year old car. A trunk full of tools and other usual fix-it solutions come in handy.

One difference this year was that the Audi Club North America / MidAtlantic Chapter also planned to attend the Carlisle show to form a “Mobile Audi Museum” of sorts. I worked closely with Dan Jackson, the head of the ACNA/MA, to organize many details, including an all-Audi cook out for Saturday.

The ACNA line up was strategically placed on the show field right near our Audi 4000/CGT Club meaning that within sight of our old beauties, were also A4’s, TT’s, S4’s, an RS6, an A3 displayed by a local Audi dealer and many other newer models. On the other end of the spectrum, and obviously older than our rides, were the DKW’s and NSU’s that were in attendance as part of the Mobile Audi Museum. It certainly was a thorough display of Audi history.




Perhaps one of the rarest exhibits of the show was the Ur-quattro S1 Rally car brought up from Texas by AudiWorld member James Bufkin (fusilier). James was nice enough to let fellow Audi enthusiasts sit in the car, look under the hood, shift through the gears, and really check out this exceptional piece of rally history. The roar of that car was absolutely beautiful! Also, take note: you need a strong left leg in order to push in that clutch repeatedly.

Not only was the S1 Rally car amazing, but James was incredibly knowledgeable regarding the history of Audi and the progression of Audi in rally racing. He explained just how rare a car like his really was based on the fact that many more Sport Quattro-based rally cars were produced than Ur-quattro-based rally cars. We can’t thank him enough for bringing his car up to the show!




Luckily for us, the weather cooperated for the most part. Friday had a bit of rain and very cool temps in the evening, but Saturday and Sunday were just beautiful – sunny, yet not too hot. Over half of the registrants in our Audi 4000/CGT Club camped on-site, while the others stayed in hotels in the surrounding area. Many vendors and other car clubs were at the show, giving us plenty to do when not sitting around our cars and tent on the show field.

All in all, the 2nd Annual Audi Get Together was a huge success. Many thanks go out to the brave AudiWorld’ers who diligently made repairs to get their cars road-ready. The turn out was impressive and something of which to be proud. We’re already looking forward to next year, and so is the Audi Club North America / MidAtlantic Chapter.

For more pictures, visit and click the link for the PA-2005 GTG Pictures.

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