Deja Vu: Audi S5 Photography Leaked One Day After A5 Photos

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February 20, 2007

Compiled by: AudiWorld Staff

Just one day after the soon-to-be-revealed in Geneva A5 made its internet debut via leaked photos, the sportier S5 has also been revealed.

The rumor mill is now in full motion as various publications debate whether the S5 will be a world premier along side the A5 in Geneva in March. The best information we could gather says that it will not be shown in Switzerland, but rather will debut some six weeks later at the New York International Auto Show. These same sources suggest that both the A5 and S5 will be available for order in the US for fall 2007 delivery, and that a US debut for the S5 makes sense given the appetite for a high performance coupe in the North American market.

The S5 of course shares the same basic shape as the A5, but adds more aggressive body styling. In particular the front of the S5 and grille have adopted a much more sporty outlook.

With these two leaks coming on the heels of each other we spent some time today researching whether this was indeed a case of spilling the beans or whether it was Audi’s way of generating some Internet buzz about the A5/S5 lineup leading into the spring show season. From everything we heard this was a major corporate gaffe and not a planned release. To put it another way: some folks were awfully nervous this morning when they turned on their computers.

In any case AudiWorld will of course be covering both Geneva and NYIAS from the show floors and will bring detailed information of both vehicles – and anything else Audi shows – as available.


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