End of a Successful Model – Audi RS 6 Production Ceased

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January 14, 2005

Source: Audi AG

The unique combination of a biturbo engine and permanent quattro four-wheel drive, of a spacious body and a superior DRC suspension system (Dynamic Ride Control) – that is the Audi RS 6. Produced as a limited edition by quattro GmbH in Neckarsulm, this high-performance sports saloon with a 4.2-litre, V8 engine delivers 331 kW (450 bhp), and 560 Newton-metres of torque from as little as 1,950 rpm. The DRC suspension system with variable damping reduces body-roll in corners without any loss of comfort, and quattro permanent four-wheel drive ensures optimum traction at all times. Numerous football stars from FC Bayern Munich have had the opportunity to find that out for themselves.

8,081 Audi RS 6 models have been produced by Audi AG and its wholly-owned subsidiary, quattro GmbH, since the start of production in May 2002 – as both saloons and Avants. The original plan was for around 6,000 vehicles, but according to quattro GmbH managing director Werner Frowein, “Demand has far exceeded even our most optimistic expectations”. Final assembly and finishing were carried out by hand in Neckarsulm, with average daily production figures of 30 vehicles.

quattro GmbH extended its range in 2004 by offering a sports version, the Audi RS 6 plus, limited to a maximum of 999 vehicles. Rated at 353 kW (480 bhp), the RS 6 plus delivers another 30 bhp more than the standard Audi RS 6, and accelerates in just 4.6 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. Despite that, this super sports car betrays no external sign of its immense power potential. Just like the RS 6, the RS 6 plus also relies on perfect understatement.

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