EuroSpeedway as seen by Pierre Kaffer

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April 30, 2005

Source: Audi Communication Motorsport

  • Debut at the revised circuit
  • Tyres play an important part in the race
  • First turn always good for really tough overtaking

    EuroSpeedway Lausitz is the venue of the second race of the 2005 DTM season. Audi driver Pierre Kaffer, who clocked the best time of the day on Friday, comments on the revised circuit now covering a distance of 3.442 kilometres.

    This is the first time that you’re driving a DTM car at EuroSpeedway. What is your impression of this circuit?

    Pierre Kaffer: “Even though EuroSpeedway is not my favourite race track, it’s definitely a very interesting one. There are lots of great, varied combinations of turns here: some of the sectors are a bit more ‘laid back’ and then there are those in which you really have to push.”

    What’s the most critical factor at EuroSpeedway?

    Pierre Kaffer: “I think the tyres will play an important part. You have to treat them carefully and, particularly in the race, choose a strategy that prevents putting excessive strain on the tyres.”

    What are the key points for you at EuroSpeedway?

    Pierre Kaffer: “A very crucial point is the meandering combination of corners before you return to the start/finish straight. Every kilometre you’re lacking in speed as you’re leaving this sector will be lacking on the straight. And the straight is pretty long…”

    Where do you see the best opportunities for overtaking?

    Pierre Kaffer: “Particularly in the fantastic race last year we saw that the first turn after the start always promises a good opportunity for extremely tough duels. I’m also sure we’ll be seeing several outbraking manoeuvres in the new hairpin as you enter the infield. Generally speaking though, it seems that overtaking on a circuit like EuroSpeedway, which requires an extreme level of downforce and aerodynamics, is rarely possible without exchanging a bit of body paint.”

    The first corner turns toward the right rather sharply. What are you expecting in the first few metres after the start?

    Pierre Kaffer: “I’m expecting things to get very tight – the same as in previous years. Of course, a starting position pretty far at the front of the grid would be best, so I’m hoping for a good Qualifying result. And if the field should get entangled after all, you need to quickly decide which is the right side to get around it…”

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