Event Coverage – Wolfsgart 2013

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Wolfsgart 4 was recently held at the Champlain Valley Fairgrounds in Essex Junction, Vermont. We’re extremely fortunate to have such a well-organized and attended show such as Wolfsgart essentially in our backyard (relative to the distances we travel to other Audi shows).  

Wolfsgart is somewhat unique as "specialty" shows go, in that it is not only for VWs and Audis, but instead allowing all German brands, as well as tolerating (begrudgingly in some cases) cars from other countries as well (we saw some Saabs, Subarus, Mazdas, and even one Ford) Wolfsgart has room for anyone who is first a car enthusiast, and second a German car enthusiast.

This show is heavily German slanted though, and in all honesty this show was dominated by VW and Audi. There were enough Porsches this year that they had their own section thoguh, and with the VW segment being somewhat large, they were organized by air or water cooling.

This year’s event saw a lare gathering of VW Westfalia campers, where attendees actually camped in their vehicles, something many other shows can’t boast. There were also a number of other air cooled VWs, many Beetles and a few Karmann Ghias, and “kit cars” such as a few “356 Speedsters”.

There was a fantastic Audi turnout as well, with a broad variety of models, from old school 80s and 200s through a smattering of A4s and S4s, a few A6s, TTs, A3s, right up through a bagged A4 allroad and our borrowed RS 5. Compared to the previous year, we reckon that the Audi turnout was double at this year’s Wolfsgart.  

Wolfsgart is more than just a judged show, they have many fun car related events, such as the “German Fire Drill”, which is exactly what it sounds like, where you fill the car with one person per seat, and race around musical chairs style against another carload. It might seem silly on paper, but it was incredibly funny to watch.

The crowd favorite though is the limbo contest. Since this show is very popular with the “stance” crowd – people who ride on air suspension – they have 2 classes for the limbo. In an effort to not have a Miata win every time, they restricted it to German only on Saturday.

Wolfsgart also organizes 2 group drives on Saturday night. One of the drives is for the “slower” cars, and is more scenic (and shorter), while the other drive is better suited for newer, faster (and healthier) cars, which loops around and through Smuggler’s Notch near Stowe Vermont.

Overall Wolfsgart continues to grow seemingly exponentially over the past 4 years, and even though it seems unlikely to outgrow the spacious Champlain Valley Fairgrounds, we hope that this growth rate continues while retaining the original feel of the show – which to us is the best part.

If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere, but want to see awesome cars in a scenic locale, Wolfsgart is a must attend.

We hope to see even more Audis next year!

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