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August 4, 2008

By: Jason Teller

If we could be anywhere on earth this coming weekend we know exactly where it would be, and the irony is that we wouldn’t have to leave our home state of Colorado. Starting this Friday, August 8, some very special Audis and Audi owners will begin rolling into beautiful Glenwood Springs, CO for the upcoming urq 25 North America celebration event. Alas we have no ur quattro in our garage to take, but that doesn’t stop us from dreaming.

The background of the event is simple – to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the urq in North America. First introduced here in 1983, a mere total of only 668 urqs were sold in the US between 1982-86. Another 99 urqs came to Canada during that same time. As a result North America received only about 7% of the 11,000 or so urqs produced by Audi between 1980-1991.

With so few urqs in North America it is a rare event indeed that allows so many owners to come together in one spot to celebrate such a fine piece of Audi’s legacy. The agenda for the long weekend includes a meet-n-greet, a tech session, group drive, banquet, show-n-shine and even track time.

Organizers are hoping for at least 40 urqs and perhaps more to travel to the event from as far away as the east coast of the United States and from Canada. So whether you are an urq owner or just an Audi enthusiast this is one event worth checking out. AudiWorld will of course provide full coverage – stay tuned.


  • Official Event Site: www.urq25.com
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