Extended exhibition in the Audi museum mobile

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Ingolstadt  – The special exhibition “Home of quattro ” in the Audi museum mobile in Ingolstadt to 21 February 2014 extended. ” The public success has exceeded our expectations ,” explains the head of Audi Tradition , Thomas Frank . “30 years of Sport quattro ” celebrates the automakers this year and presented to the production car in five colors as well as the legendary rally finishes in a unique constellation.

The exhibition includes the legendary rally cars which was presented at the Paris Motor Show 2010 Audi quattro concept showcar . As a highlight of the presentation , the installation of the designer Tim John and Martin Schmitz turns out that was previously seen only on the Design Fair Miami / Basel. With attention to detail the artist himself milestones quattro story in paper cut style . Customers include meadow the legendary commercial from 1986 in which an Audi 100 CS quattro drives up a ski jump or Walter Röhrl’s spectacular victory at the hill climb at Pikes Peak in 1987.
The Audi museum mobile is open daily 9-18 clock .

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