Fleet of 63 Audi A8 Cars on Valentine’s Day

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February 11, 2005

Source: Audi AG

  • Football star Ronaldo to wed Daniella Cicarelli on February 14 near Paris
  • Audi is the official car partner of Real Madrid

    The football star Ronaldo (Luiz Nazario da Lima) is marrying the Brazilian TV presenter Daniella Cicarelli on Valentine’s Day. The wedding will take place in the evening of February 14 at the fairytale palace of Chantilly, to the north of Paris, in the company of some 300 guests. The celebrity guests will be chauffeur-driven to the exclusive wedding by a fleet of 63 Audi A8 cars.

    The Ingolstadt-based car manufacturer has arranged for a fleet of the long-wheelbase version of its Audi A8 luxury saloon to be available for this assignment. 47 cars are equipped with 6.0 litre engines, 16 cars with 4.2 litre engines. The Audi saloons, predominantly in light silver and with quattro drive, will transfer the guests from their hotels in the centre of Paris to the palace of Chantilly. The bride and groom will likewise arrive for the wedding ceremony in the chapel in a long-wheelbase Audi A8.

    Audi is the official car partner of the football club Real Madrid, and has been since July 2003. Since then the club’s stars have been driving Audi’s most sporty models. The Brazilian Ronaldo has played for Real Madrid since 2002, winning the Spanish league title in his very first season with the club. He was the top scorer in Spain in 2004 and has already been voted FIFA’s Player of the Year on three occasions. Ronaldo, who plays as a striker, opted for Audi’s most powerful model for the second time: after his Audi RS6, he has been driving the Audi A8 6.0 quattro with an output of 450 bhp since November 2004.

    Audi has provided the chauffeur service for several state visits, EU and World Economic Summits and the Salzburg Festival since 1987. Audi also supplied a fleet in Spain’s “Wedding of 2004” last May, when Crown Prince Felipe and his bride Letizia were driven through Madrid in an Audi A8 saloon.

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