Groundbreaking for Audi Terminal in Leipzig

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March 27, 2009

Source: Audi AG

  • Trend-setting dealership architecture also in Leipzig
  • Michael-Julius Renz, Head of Sales Germany of AUDI AG: “Investment demonstrates confidence in the market’s strength”
  • Over 350 Audi terminals worldwide planned by the end of 2012

    Michael-Julius Renz, Head of Sales Germany of AUDI AG, joined representatives of the Leipzig Audi Center in laying the foundation stone for the new Audi dealership in Leipzig. The Audi terminal, designed by the renowned architectural office of Allmann Sattler Wappner, is scheduled to open in late 2009. The construction of the new dealerships marks Audi’s continued sales offensives in the major cities.

    The groundbreaking by Michael-Julius Renz and Peter P&oulm;heim, Managing Director of the Leipzig Audi Center, on Friday launched the construction work for the building complex encompassing nearly 1,300 square meters (13,993 ft²). “Our dealers’ investments in the new dealership architecture are evidence that our partners are impressed by the strong Audi brand and by our comprehensive and future-oriented line of products”, Renz stated.

    In Leipzig, parking areas have been created for a total of 16 new and 111 used cars. As a supplement to the presentation and sales areas, the trend-setting architecture of Allmann Sattler Wappner also integrates workshop and delivery areas. “Next year we’ll be able to present the Audi models to our customers in the new terminal”, declared Pöheim, referring to the planned opening in early 2010.

    As the most visible sign of the sales offensives, the Audi terminals will create an exclusive brand presence at hundreds of dealerships worldwide. In emphasizing the dynamics of the curve – especially in the presentation areas and windows, the terminal’s architecture embodies the sportiness of the brand. The architectural concept’s aluminum facade reflects the Ingolstadt premium car maker’s expertise in lightweight design.

    The new Audi terminal is an addition to the existing Audi Center in Leipzig, creating 50 new jobs for the region. It is the eighth Audi terminal in Germany. Other dealerships are already in place in Sydney, Tokyo and Mexico City. Over 350 Audi terminals worldwide are to be built by the end of 2012.

    AUDI AG sold a total of 1,003,469 cars in 2008 and thus achieved its 13th consecutive record year. The Company posted new record figures with revenue of €34.2 billion and profit before tax of €3.2 billion. Audi produces vehicles in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm (Germany), Gy&oulm;r (Hungary), Changchun (China) and Brussels (Belgium). Aurangabad in India saw the start of CKD production of the Audi A6 at the end of 2007 and of the Audi A4 in early October 2008. The Company is active in more than 100 markets worldwide. AUDI AG’s wholly owned subsidiaries include Automobili Lamborghini Holding S.p.A. in Sant’Agata Bolognese (Italy) and quattro GmbH in Neckarsulm. Audi currently employs around 58,500 people worldwide, including 46,500 in Germany. The brand with the four rings invests around €2 billion each year in order to sustain the company’s technological lead embodied in its “Vorsprung durch Technik” slogan. Audi plans to significantly increase the number of models in its portfolio by 2015 to 40. The AUDI brand celebrates its 100th birthday in 2009. The company was founded by August Horch in Zwickau on July 16, 1909; he named it AUDI after the Latin translation of his surname (“hark!”).

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