New Audi Collection Website Makes Shopping Even More Enjoyable

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August 3, 2007

Source: Audi of America

If you have a taste for elegant, European-influenced design, use of impeccable materials and a purposeful functionality, then it stands to reason your branded goods should be something rather desirable. True to form, the latest Spring selection from the Audi Collection features some highly-covetable items, including watches, scale models, toys, personal accessories, collectables and a wide range of clothing and luggage, all subtly adorned with the Audi interlocking ring logo.

It may not be easy to choose from the wide selection of highly-desirable products the collection has to offer, but at least the new Audi store website makes the process of searching and ordering simple. The site has a new, branded look and feel with a seamless transition from the main site. Once there, you’ll also find that the search functionality is faster and more simple, with the option to order and redeem gift certificates online. In direct response to customer feedback, single orders can now be shipped to multiple delivery locations, and the site now offers real-time inventory, eliminating the frustration of finding out that the item you’ve ordered has since gone out of stock.

The Audi Collection website is now even easier to navigate, and with a wide selection of new items in the Spring Collection, there couldn’t be a better time to visit


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